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Sunny days are a mindset.

This I have learned first hand from torrential rain.

There is always going to be a storm somewhere in the world, and the hardest days are when that storm is raging inside your own head.

Thunder booming in the background and lightening repeatedly striking the parts of you that make you, well – you.

It seems as if the storm will never pass until one day it just… does. The clouds open up to reveal the bright blue sky that, to be truthful, was there all along.

Maybe you didn’t see it through the downpour, or maybe you simply didn’t realize the power to calm the winds was within you the whole time.

And darling, it was.

So yes, sunny days are a mindset.

Sunny days are the result of constantly reminding yourself to think sunny thoughts.

Author: Renee Mills
Author Bio: Hey friends! In case you don’t know me, my name is Renee.
I will also answer to Little Red, Rey, and Hey You With The Face. I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember and an avid over-thinker with a wild imagination since even before that. It has been only recently that I’ve begun to channel that creativity into something positive. Something that can hopefully help make somebody’s day a little brighter! So far it has been a wonderful adventure, but the journey is just getting started.
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