The Glow Up

They’ll come for you. Friends disguised as enemies. Those pretending to be in your corner only for you to run to it and find out it was a circle all along. You’ll sit down and dine with disloyalty while you pretend his lies are a vintage Cabernet just to make them go down a little easier. That isn’t love. It never was and you know you can’t build a solid foundation that’s one-sided. But you tried. Collected every penny that ever landed face-up but you were never one to believe in luck anyway. People will talk and it’s okay, let them. If you weren’t doing something right, they wouldn’t have anything to discuss. You’re a threat and they know it. You’re building a brand, an empire, and there’s no room for those who wish to pull you down only so they can use your platform to elevate themselves. Yes this hurts but you’ll come out stronger because of it. You’re resilient, I’ve never seen someone wear armor the way you do and yet you keep fighting. You have a light about yourself that can’t be extinguished so don’t be afraid to blow out the candles. You don’t do well in artificial lighting. The sun will always burn on its own, and you my dear are the sun so cut your ties. Loose threads are meant to be unraveled anyway.

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by Kennedy Thompson

I've always loved the arts and began writing when I was eight-years old. I believe art is a beautiful way of expressing yourself and an amazing form of therapy be it performing, written or visual. I enjoy traveling, cooking, spending time with friends and family and a good glass of wine.

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