The Unbroken Cycle

Tell me again how I ruin your life — 

A tall tale told many times in my life.

Sing me the lullaby of my youth, 

My soulful symphony,

My undying truth.


Tell me how my bones melt with venom —

How people run from where I’m from

So I don’t get ‘em.


Notice me, in all my glory —

How I smile when I cry 

With unbridled fury.


Then hug me and hold me

And tell me it’s fine.

Just let it go, just like the last time. 


Let the cycle continue week after week,

Until we’re both weak with the poison we speak.

by Brenda Covarrubias

Brenda Covarrubias is a journalist, poet and freelance editor. The majority of her work has centered around news and storytelling, but she is now branching out to more creative outlets. Business inquires should be directed to [email protected].


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