Real Stories

The Well of Darkness

There are those in this world who have known a depth of darkness that others will never be able to comprehend.

A level of darkness that has pushed them to every limit imaginable.

A test that many others would not be able to survive.

There is a teaching in that darkness.

An understanding of the well of human emotion.

A holding.

A deepening of compassion for humanity.

For our suffering.

It is time for us to rise now.

To be the Light in the darkness of humanity’s crumbling.

Our resurrection.


Thank you darkness for teaching me the depth of my compassion.

For it all.

May I now be the rooted and grounded tree of LOVE for us all.

by Alison Binns

Alison is a healer, weaver of magic, writer, speaker, and mental health and prevent childhood abuse activist.


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