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there are days that my mind blows in circles 

full pressure towards the same place. 

some days  

I cannot find daylight 

and night time stays dark. 

I’d say that every cloud has a lining, 

that rain stops, 

but it’s only to breathe, begin again. 

my heart is full of scars 

my hands are full of… 


There are hours that I stare at the rain  

tapping the window— 

it feels like more than me and 

nothing else feels real:  

sadness isn’t even a memory; 


feels so fragile,  

a distant dream. 

my hands are full of 


on sunny days 

you said you’d be there, 

and in the moments that you were 

the clouds cleared 

for a sweet second. 

I felt you close 

my heart never felt so light. 

breathing was easy 

I felt your breath in my hair,  

how your shirt was damp from my tears. 

I felt your hands tight on my shoulders 

shaking, shaking 

harder now your breath pushes against me— 

a strong wind, promised rainfall 

I cannot stop but watch 

spinning, spinning 

my hands were full of  


and suddenly, you disappeared. 

Thunder cracked 

it is everything and nothing 

I cannot clear the sky 

there will always be rain 

there won’t always be you. 

I cannot decide which is worse 

ever still  

my mind is full of you but 

my hands are full of 




Author: Menna Siwan

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