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Tips For Loving Exercise In Your 50’s And Beyond

Today is my 52nd birthday. Exercise is a topic that has NEVER been my favorite; you can ask just about anyone who knows me about this fact. I have never been athletic, I have never understood people who said “I love running, I love to work out.” Well, I am here to tell you it does and will make a difference in your life if, or when, you decide to commit to it!  These are some things I have learned along the way, as I am now 13 months into my journey:

  1. No matter who encourages/nags you to work out and get in better shape, until you wrap your brain around it, it just is not going to happen.
  2. No matter your current fitness level, you can do whatever it is you set your mind too, it may not happen in a month or a year, but it will if you keep pushing.
  3. You have to mix things up – hence the title of my article.  I started going to SNAP fitness; I would get to the gym – hop on the treadmill or an exercise bike for 20 minutes – do a few weight machines and call it a day.  I did this for years, sometimes three times a week and sometimes three times a month.  Nothing happened, I felt no different, and I felt no spark.  Then last March I decided I was going to do those four days a week and no quitting. Nothing was happening to me but I was making the effort.
  4. TRY SOMETHING NEW:  one day a sign -up sheet showed up at the gym, YOGA SCULPT class, three days a week, a young enthusiastic trainer.  I thought to myself, “yoga and sculpt both sound relatively painless.”  NEWSFLASH: not true. Yoga is a full body workout and parts of my body started hurting that I didn’t think could possibly hurt.
  5. However, this new class was FUN – met some new people, we all made the commitment to keep attending the class.  Our class has now evolved from YOGA sculpt to HIIT Sculpt – as our teacher says we have to constantly keep challenging ourselves.  This is painful, in more ways than one, but she couldn’t be more right. No Pain, No Gain. Work Hard. Don’t Quit.
  7. Through the course of the last 13 months I have lost nearly 30 pounds, have gained a great group of new friends, and guess what?  Because our teacher is busy with school, and sometimes can’t come teach our class, we now make the commitment to show up at the gym and have class even when she can’t be there to lead us!  That is drive.
  8. These are exercises I had never heard of that are now routine:  BURPEES, BEARCRAWLS, PLANK JACKS, MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS , SPIDERMANS , PLANK UP DOWNS,  LOTS OF SQUATS, TOO MANY LUNGES and the always dreaded PUSHUPS (which I can actually do now!)  The Bottom line here – is I have never felt better.  Lace up your shoes and join me.



Author: Jill Gagner
Email: jillgagner@gmail.com
Author Bio: I am Jill Gagner, a life-long Minnesota girl.  Born and raised in the land of 10,000 lakes and Paul Bunyan.  And yet, I very much despise winter.  I think I am somewhat funny, entertaining perhaps and snarky too.
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by Jill Gagner

I am a 52. A bit snarky, or sassy if you will. I speak my mind like I see it. And Have often been told I don't have a filter. People look forward to my annual Christmas Letter, which has to be saying something. I go to the gym - which I will never love but it does make me feel better and better about myself. I love to bake (mostly cookies). I have Three adult kids who are all doing well, and an adorable grandson who is a toddler, he calls me Nana. I love it.

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