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Wanderlust, is my primary diagnosis

Today, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.
I have this odd quality of finding solace in knowledge, regardless of what it is I am learning- because I find the unknown to be more terrifying than the horrors of what the truth may hold.
Multiple Sclerosis: A disease in which the immune system eats away at the protective covering of nerves. MS resulting in nerve damage disrupts communication between the brain and the body.
I’ll begin a medicine regimen to hopefully keep symptoms maintainable. Along with a few daily meds, I’ll start steroid infusions and monthly b12 injections. Scheduled MRI’s to monitor brain lesions and blood tests to accompany routine neurology appointments. But the most notable thing about today, is not my diagnosis. The last few weeks have been full of hospital trips, procedures, sleepless nights, and medicines, but the most daunting was not knowing where I was headed. Or why for that matter.
What’s notable about today- is finding out that many people live long full lives with MS. When asked what questions I had (millions), the first one I could muster gave me all the comfort I needed. “Will my Son get to grow up with THIS me, or a me I won’t even recognize”? My provider teared up and told me we are early, I am young, we are on top of it, and my Son will know the Mom I am…. And my team will do all they can to keep it that way.
Onward and upward…. But maybe, just maybe, we’ll be making the move to Boston much sooner than I had planned. Thankful, for modern science. Grateful, for health insurance. Hopeful, for the future with my wee guy.
After all, Wanderlust is my primary diagnosis- and I’m thankful to have the sweetest wee travel buddy in the world. 👩‍👦
by SebastiansMom

Thirty years old and thriving (just kidding, I'm barely surviving). Navigating my way through the adventures of life after living it up in my younger years as a college athlete turned European pro. My adventures are plentiful but most notably are: the ups and downs of motherhood, being unmarried in my thirties (and shockingly okay with that), working as a woman in the post-grad career world, travelling the world for mommy and me trips, and recently suffering the onset of Multiple Sclerosis.

Eventful? I know! Stressful? Of course! Worth it? Absolutely! Life has thrown me a few curve balls, so while I get ready to swing my next strike- I thought I'd jump on the momtrepreneur train, and share my journeys. Who knows, maybe I'll bash a few homeruns.

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