Waves Of Wandering Feet

Riding in the back of a truck

where gypsy music

soothes in the background

Wind blows strings of hair

across my face

covering my sight

and so I close my eyes

as I feel the breeze

smell the scents of grassy roots

hear the Sea,

waves crashing

Carried by blistered feet

due to

two days

of barefoot walks across the land






and wooden floors

I wait for the strengthened callouses to form


The soles of my feet have wandered


homes of magical



We arrive to the sweet wooden

Medicine cabin

where air flows smoothly

through our lungs

At night, the lights around the bed

light our dreamy state

oh and when we wake,

it is to the morning rays

shining through the leaves

of the fruity trees

or to the raining sky

pouring love onto the land!


Author: Dani Grageda
Email: grageda.daniela@gmail.com
Author Bio: Words flow through me to be written.
May these words transport you to Space
May these words shift you in some way
Follow along on a journey of Remembrance!
Link to social media or website: Instagram: @dani.grageda


by Dani Grageda

A Being in trust to bring forth the words from the heart in utmost sincerity. A being who enjoys the warmth of the sun. silence which brings deeper truths to be revealed. winds which show me the way. and my bewinged Ones who bring messages for us. Love Love Love.

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