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What can January offer?

Two Blackbirds shelter in the cherry blossom tree, hiding from the snow. I wonder what they say to one another as they fluff their feathers to keep warm.

Two robins hop around the bread on the floor, cocking their heads to one side as if listening to some silent orchestra. Maybe they can hear the snow sing, providing them with entertainment whilst they eat their meal.

Over on the fence a squirrel is eating seeds keeping to himself as a door opens and nuts get thrown to him. The snow begins to really fall, big snowflakes each with their own intricate patterns fall and hit the ground as a Woodpecker flies elegantly down, touching the white earth. He proudly flashes his crest of red as I wonder what he’s doing. Is he looking for food to take home to his lady?

Open the door and a worldly vision awaits but the door is stuck by the weight of the snow. I had only closed the curtains for a few hours and the White Queen took this as her chance to powder the earth with no one around to see. She lovingly covers the land with all her glitter and diamonds travelling silently. She is preparing the earth for Springs gift of flowers because for a while, the earth needs to sleep.

by Emmy Bourne

Mum, ex breakdancer, biker chick, spiritual guru lacking insight right now with a big love for my cat. Wandering round photographing my way through life.

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