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Shadows creep and they linger.

They are always in the background, hiding, lurking.

Like dark little spirits, they attack

When least expected.

They leech onto our souls,


Hearts; and,


They twist our thoughts, our feelings, our every word,

Until they come pouring out in a vault of tears, cries, and aches.

And let us not forget the regrets.

Too often they seep out and cause regret.

We think we have the upper hand;

That we have recognized our womanly cycles,

And that we have come prepared for their shadowy attack.

Yet still, we are caught off guard.

We are taken asunder, despite all our efforts.

And we weep. Oh, how we weep.

But somewhere in our weeping we find space,

To rebuild boundaries.

By acknowledging them and working with them rather than against,

We once more begin to tame the shadows.

It isn’t always easy being a human creature,

And it certainly isn’t easy being one of the divine feminine.

But we manage to pick up the pieces,

We manage to make it through.

Such is the plight of the wild woman.

Such is the course of the shadow worker.

Such is the fate of us all.

So with that, give yourself the space you need to breathe into it.

And know if the darkness finds you from time to time,

That this too shall pass.


Author: Kim
Author Bio: Kim is a trained social worker, working in fields of criminal justice and addictions. She is a student of the tarot, learning to embrace her shadow sides and empower the wild woman within. She hopes to help others through their own shadow work, connect to their divine feminine power and traverse their own soul journeys.
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