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Why you should be MORE kind?

When you think about yourself don’t you wish if people in your life treated you with more compassion? If your spouse understood your struggles and didn’t complain all the time, your boss didn’t set unrealistic targets for you, if your colleagues were more cooperative wouldn’t life have been easier?

When we reflect on our lives we feel we are misunderstood by others and often not treated by others the way we deserve to be treated. But how often do we realize the same applies to other people as well! They too expect from us the same. They also seek a little bit of compassion from us.

The biggest tragedy in life is not that people have to fight their battles alone. The biggest tragedy is everyone thinks they are the only one who has problems in life.

You want to be understood but how often do you understand others?

In the trying times that we are all in, let’s be more compassionate. You might say it won’t solve any problem of the world but trust me, it would stop creating further problems.

Now, what do I mean by being more compassionate? Certainly, you are not expected to change into an angelic form! Stay the human you are, only show your human qualities. Often. More frequently than you can show.

One of the best ways to show kindness to others is by keeping your calm. Now, this is a BIG one. I agree. But I am sure you can get there with practice.

Even when someone says something nasty don’t be tempted to react immediately. I know it’s difficult when someone says something harsh. It acts as a trigger and we respond instantly and more harshly that we repent later on!

But you do not know what the other person is going through. They could be having an ailment or heartbreak, a crisis or loss.

Earlier I would react fast. Now, I don’t. To become more calm you don’t have to practice meditation. (Although it most certainly helps!) You can keep your calm if you consciously choose to not react immediately.

Give a few minutes gap before opening your mouth to respond. This gives your brain some time to process the whole thing.

Next time you find someone ready for a fight, don’t be tempted. I know it’s easier said than done but you have to practice this. In your mind count – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 before making a response.

Ultimately, everything in your life is a choice. You can choose today to stop reacting to others. You can choose to walk away from a situation than stay there and fight! You can choose kindness for yourself and others.

The world needs to heal, so do we. Kindness is free but it never goes out of fashion! You can make your own reasons to be more kind. Just shower a little compassion everywhere you go. You will never have to repent, I promise!

by Ishita Ganguly

Ishita is a published author, poet, and freelance writer from India. She is the author of the book, "Stories from the City called Kolkata" and editor of the international poetry anthology, "Expressions from the Heart". She is the co-author of 5 international anthologies. Her articles and poems have been published on leading websites and in international magazines.

Ishita is a double master's degree holder, a corporate professional turned educator turned full-time writer. She is a book lover who believes words have immense power and writers can make a huge impact in the world! She desires to leave the world better than she found it through her contributions as a writer and as a responsible global citizen.


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