Mental Health

You Deserve The World

No matter what you keep telling yourself or what other people tell you, you deserve to have anything and be everything you have ever wanted to be.
You deserve to feel happiness, the kind of happiness that radiates off of you and makes the world a better place. You deserve to feel loved; to feel butterflies, to feel like your head is spinning and your heart is on fire because you are so in love. You deserve to be with someone who wants to hear about your dreams and who will support you in making those dreams a reality. You deserve to have a partner who knows what a privilege it is to have you in their life, and you deserve to know that they are out there, and to never settle for anything less than. You deserve to love yourself, to truly and genuinely love yourself, because it is never selfish to love yourself and be proud of the person you have become or are aspiring to be. And you deserve to know it’s okay to not be there yet. You deserve to wake up each day and feel free. To feel free of anything that holds you back. You deserve to see the world, to see something for the first time and feel like you are in a dream. You deserve to know that you are enough, and that you don’t need to change yourself to fit into that little box that society has led you to believe you should fit into. You deserve to feel, to cry, and to laugh so hard that your stomach hurts. You deserve a life free of fear, pain, and suffering. You deserve to have the freedom to be and do whatever you choose, without fear of someone holding you back. You deserve to be yourself, your true self, even in a world that makes it seem impossible at times. You deserve equality, peace, freedom and love. You deserve the world.

Author: Lex
Email: lexlinds349@gmail.com
Author Bio: A twenty something yogi and traveler looking for her next adventure. I am all about self love and living your best life.
Link to social media or website: https://www.instagram.com/lexlindsay/


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