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With the holidays officially over, I am looking forward to planning smaller dinner parties for my friends this winter. Over the years I’ve learned that hosting a party in a tiny NYC apartment will make you get creative very quick!

Here are my top 3 tips for hosting in a small space:

1. Use side tables to serve food & setup your bar.

Small Space Entertaining Image via My Domaine

Small Space Entertaining

Image via Julia Leah

2. Place food and drinks in different areas of your home to avoid creating a bottleneck. I usually set up a food buffet on the kitchen table & a bar in the living room to create an easy flow throughout the space.

Small Space Entertaining

via Lonny Magazine

Small Space Entertaining

via One Kings Lane

3. Get creative with seating! Throw some huge pillows on the floor & pull stools, poufs and chairs from around your home into the entertaining area.

Small Space Entertaining

via DesignLoveFest

Small Space Entertaining

via 100 Layer Cake

What are your tips for entertaining in a small space?


Author: Maia Alejandro

Author Bio: Maia blogs about design, food and travel for the visually obsessed.
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