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10 Signs You’re A Couple With An Old Soul

Contrary to popular belief, old souls aren’t simply people who prefer records to iTunes or books to Kindles. Instead, they’re people who are wise beyond their years with gumption to seek inner knowledge and spirituality. They are the ones you knew in Elementary school as the odd ones out, the loners, the kids who acted well beyond their age with a weirdly mature understanding of the world. With their extraordinary approach to life, old souls often love differently than their peers. However, when two manage to find one another, it’s a deep bond that’s nearly impossible to break. Here are 10 signs you’re just a couple of old souls:

  • You don’t fool around with each other’s hearts. Playing with emotions is unappealing and you have no time or patience for those who participate in mind games. Instead, couples with old souls tend to be honest and straightforward about their feelings without the need for casual flirting with strangers to get their partners attention. The idea of creating schemes to further a relationship seems juvenile and counterproductive to you. For old souls, relationships are all about openness, because you can’t love someone you can’t trust.
  • Being together is as natural as breathing. Old souls tend to seek solitude, but you’re pros at the art of being alone together. There’s nothing odd about long stretches of silence during car rides, because it’s comforting. You relish the quiet time together and enjoy the calming sense their presence brings you. There’s never a need to keep the other entertained or interested, because whether you’re having a profound discussion or doing separate activities in the same room, merely having them near you is enough.
  • You both feel as if you’ve known each other in a previous life. While it may seem sappy, many old souls feel a connection that’s so familiar, it seems as if it must have happened before. You have a bond that’s profound and intimate, so much so that you’ve probably speculated on how you met in another lifetime. Old souls can be natural romantics, with a profound belief that they’ll always find each other.
  • There’s not a problem you can’t solve together. Like every other couple, there’s going to be fights, but there isn’t one you can’t talk through. Even during your worst fights, your love never wavered and there was no consideration of taking a break from the relationship. For old souls, there are no breaks, because they believe in full commitment. You’re in it 100% and you both know a silly argument isn’t going to matter or even be remembered years from now.
  • You thoughtfully plan your life together. There’s never any doubts about where the relationship is headed or if you have a future with them, because both of you have already discussed it thoroughly. Since you know exactly where you stand, there’s no waiting up at night, over-analyzing their every word and meaning. No topic is too delicate and you both feel quite comfortable exploring the idea of marriage, children, finances and your future careers. You may have even planned how and when you will achieve those goals together.
  • Going out is a treat, not an every day activity. As natural homebodies, old souls prefer spending their downtime curled up on the couch as opposed to binge drinking at bars. You almost always pick staying at home over going out, because the best dates include no pants and new seasons on Netflix. Of course you enjoy the occasional date night out on the town, but these are special treats instead of an every weekend occurrence. There’s nothing more comforting to both of you than being in your own element where you can freely explore your thoughts.
  • You keep each other grounded. When life gets complicated and messy, you’re always there to pick each other back up. You’re not only a lifetime companion, but also a mentor for one another. Old souls aren’t easily scared off, so when the going gets tough, they won’t take the easy way out and bail.
  • Your connection is on an emotional and spiritual level. Your connection goes much deeper than physical attraction, to the point where your souls are bonded. To you, a deep philosophical discussion and exploring beliefs is vastly intimate. Your hearts are so fond of each other that you often know the other better than they know themselves, meaning you can always pull each other out of a slump.
  • You’re both creative types. Old souls are eccentric with a unique take of the world. This doesn’t mean you’re obnoxiously loud and different, but have complex views on religion, existence, politics and the workings of the universe. Often, your peculiar beliefs are expressed through some type of creative outlet, such as writing or music. With the other as your muse, it’s even easier to let your thoughts roam free and express yourself.
  • You inspire each other every day to be the best version of yourself. Old souls are naturals at offering practical advice and enjoy furthering the knowledge of others. You both feel wiser just being in the others presence and they influence you to work hard at everything you do. There’s no doubt you’re a better person simply from knowing them and the thought of letting them down is too much to bear. They make you feel whole and believing in each other is what ensures you reach your goals.

AUTHOR: Emily Austin
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AUTHOR BIO: Emily Austin writes about fashion, entertainment, relationship advice and lifestyle for online consumption. Emily graduated with a degree in journalism from Middle Tennessee State University and currently works as a freelance writer and the Social Media Editor and Blogger for Plato’s Closet in Jackson, TN.
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