30 Mins A Day For Creativity

When artist and senior art director, Karen Whitaker, faced another day in the office, toiling away at a ‘creative’ job – to pay the bills – but not really flexing the creative muscles that yearned to be exercised, the 30designs30days project was born.

30designs30days became a challenge to create 30 designs in 30 days in 30 minutes apiece. By flexing the creative muscles, Karen also challenged herself to make the time for creative expression every day and breaking the binds of perfectionism.

Discovering that 30 minutes is not that long, the exercise of carving out time for creativity has meant much more than having a flawless design at the end of the half hour.

Karen now encourages others to take the challenge, saying “By making the time and letting myself go for 30 minutes, whatever else happens in the day I have something that is uniquely my achievement. Everyone can be creative, finding a form that suits and entertains them – be it poetry, drawing, photography, scrap-booking, performance – whatever inspires you and then being intentional with time; and mindful to enjoy the process of being creative in a chaotic world with so many distractions. I would love people to join in the challenge and complete their own ‘303030’ ”.

The results of these daily minutes of creative expression required their own platform – building up a following on Instagram and sharing the outcomes and pure joy with others through her blog – Karen is sharing the benefits of creative mindfulness. 30designs30days.com

“I set up a blog to document my progress and keep me accountable. After the encouragement of friends, I have  added a shop to the site and now sell some of the most popular prints.”

“I have learnt that 30 minutes a day is possible. The challenge has become addictive – once you let go of the need to create something perfect and the freedom that comes with that. There is a satisfaction that comes from seeing a blank page or screen and 30 minutes later seeing a finished piece of work. I have discovered that I look at my surroundings with fresh eyes and notice inspiration in the seemingly mundane.”

The challenge is to make the time for your 30 and let creativity run amok. I encourage you to make time every day and if you do, be sure to hashtag:

#30designs30days and @30designsin30days – I would love to see your designs.


Author Bio:

Karen is a senior art director and designer with 20 years industry experience. She typically works on large scale commercial and fashion retail projects with global reach for retailers such as Boots, Monsoon Accessorize and Tesco to name a few.  Her campaigns have won several national awards including the APA International Publishing Awards. Originally from New Zealand (an avid traveller), she calls London home where she has lived for over 16 years.  She counts mentoring many junior creatives and her volunteer work to fight Human trafficking among her biggest and most fulfilling achievements.


Shop popular prints here: www.30designs30days.com/shop


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  1. You are incredibly talented. I LOVE so many of your designs. I really enjoyed seeing/reading the process of how you created each piece and what inspired you. I look forward to seeing many more to come.

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