5 Adulthood Milestones That Will Make You Satisfied with Your Life

A lot of young people tend to think that by the time they’re thirty, they’ll be married with children, living in their dream home and have the job that satisfies them and provides for their desired lifestyle. They look to the future with the goal of achieving happiness. However, we often forget that happiness is not only the result of all our efforts nor it is something that will last forever once we get to experience it. Happiness also comes during the process of achieving our dreams as every little step we take makes us feel satisfied and proud of ourselves in its own way.

While all of those ways of achieving happiness we mentioned at the beginning are valid, we are all unique and those goals are not shared by everyone. Every human being should strive for what makes them content and not pay attention to other people’s ambitions. Seeing as how there are certain definitions of what it constitutes to being an adult that are often forced on people, some individuals choose to follow their own path to adulting – which cannot be neglected either.

All that being said, let’s take a look at some milestones which people reach in adulthood that can make them feel more satisfied, regardless of whether it is something that is expected from a normative society or not.

Getting a Degree

Like we mentioned earlier, not all of us have the same goals and we should not feel pressured to follow in the footsteps of other people. With that in mind, some individuals thrive when learning new things. For them, the biggest milestones are related to their academic achievements. People like this feel accomplished when they finish college and get their degree. Furthermore, they are more likely to pursue more courses and keep expanding their knowledge and improving their expertise, which will, in turn, help them feel satisfied.

On the other hand, there is no shame if one chooses not to continue their education. There are plenty of reasons for this, ranging from simply not being interested because of not being able to afford it all the way to deciding to raise their kids instead – and they are all perfectly acceptable.

Finding a Stable Job

Other people feel accomplished once they find a job they see themselves doing for years to come. Job stability usually plays a huge role in one’s satisfaction, seeing as how it means they can provide for themselves and their family without being worried all the time and living from paycheck-to-paycheck. These individuals work hard on their education in order to find employment in a company that pays well and offers great benefits.

However, other people like trying out different things and having various jobs is a part of that. They might not have any dependents and they are happy living in the moment and going with the flow.

Starting a Family

Probably a milestone that is most often associated with adulthood is starting a family. Whether it’s getting married or having kids, this is considered a big step in one’s life. Having the privilege of spending the rest of their life with the person they love and watching their children grow up is often the biggest joy of someone’s life.

That said, times have changed and no one should feel pushed into this. Rushing into marriage and parenthood can have unwanted consequences, especially when people are not sure whether they want kids in the first place. Being alone is not the end of the world – what’s more, some people thrive when on their own.

Buying Your First Home

Starting a family usually goes hand in hand with purchasing a home. Besides having the freedom of being in their own home, people also get to prove their financial abilities. They start working on their budget, in addition to finding out about all the various intricacies involved with home loans today and finding the best deals that are out there. Owning a house brings another layer of security into the picture alongside a good and stable position at work.

Then again, there are individuals who do not consider this to be high on their list of priorities and things that bring satisfaction. They are perfectly content renting a place on their own or even sharing it with roommates well into their thirties. While often frowned upon, some people decide to live with their parents even after getting married or at least until they have the funds to move out.

Traveling the World

A milestone that is a bit less obvious, simply due to it being less tangible, is traveling all over the world. Some people enjoy visiting various places and exploring every corner of the planet. This allows them to gain new experiences, meet new people and understand other cultures better. While the souvenirs they bring back might be the only palpable things to show from this, the personal growth these people experience is on a whole different level.

However, it’s perfectly normal to want to stay in your corner of the world, enjoying life with your loved ones. A lot of people have travel anxiety or just don’t have the budget for such life-changing journeys.


As we’ve maintained throughout this whole article, there is no one way to feel accomplished and satisfied with your life once you become an adult. What’s important is to follow your gut and your heart as that will definitely lead you to happiness, whether it involves traveling, working on your education or spending time with your family.


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