5 Unique Mobile App Ideas That Will Be Profitable for your Business

The world has transformed all around us and we are now living in a place where everything that we interact with is digital. For example, if we want to communicate with someone, we prefer using smartphones, social media platforms, communication apps, and so on. Similarly, when we want to study or do something important, we carry laptops with us, and whenever we want to read or study or perform any other tasks we just take our laptop and begin with it. From using tracking time to listening to music, from choosing a place to dine to watching a movie, everything is now powered through a mobile app. 


Today, the world is highly dependent not just on technology but on the very apps that make the bulk of it. Today we have an app for almost everything. Right from the moment, we wake up to the time we go back to sleep, we interact with countless mobile apps almost on a daily basis. We are somewhat dependent on these apps and rarely do we realize how much we use them. With so much happening in the digital world, I am going to highlight some of the apps which many businesses can greatly take advantage of. 


Here are 5 unique ideas of profitable apps which I believe holds significant potential.


An App to Help Us Keep Progress of Our Day

While there are countless apps in the market that may allow us to keep track of our daily achievements, there isn’t anything in particular that can provide us the proper insight on how we are progressing through our days. We all have goals and objectives that we want to achieve and in order to fulfill them, we have to stay on constant track. There are apps that are more focused on a certain aspect of life achievement, for example, if you’re a health-conscious person, then you may have an app that solely focuses on achieving your health-related goals. However, if you aim to achieve larger goals or objectives then there should be a separate app to help you with that. 


An App to Calculate Mistakes & Help you Overcome It

It’s not always easy to accept the mistakes we make. And the first step to realizing our mistakes is that we show an inclination towards resolving them. Many of us fail to understand where we have gone wrong or what errors we have committed. And since we live in a very diplomatic world, people often avoid to share mistakes or even highlight them. What if there’s an app that can allow people to find out their mistakes and an AI-powered bot that can help them come up with a solution for these mistakes. Let the app focus on generating reports on how you’ve progressed so far and an intelligent bot that can help you learn what mistakes or errors you have made and what steps you can take to overcome them. 


An App to Play Music Based on Your Mood

Some days are bright and others aren’t that bright after all. So if you are having one of those tough days when nothing seems to feel interesting anymore, you need an app that can play music based on your mood. We all tend to feel excited sometimes and when we feel pumped, we want to listen to high motivation music. However, when we feel down we want a mobile app that can understand our emotions and play something to get us back on the road. There are several different moods through which we go each and every day and while we are going through the moods, we want an app that can truly understand us and help us set the right mood so we can make the most of it without breaking a sweat. 


An App to Help you Choose a Dress Based on Your Personality

We have all been there, struggling to find the right clothes for an occasion which may suit our personality, right? Well, how about if there’s a mobile app which can help you achieve just that. What if the next time you are planning to attend an event or you want to go check out a movie or something, let an app help you decide which dress is going to be best suited for the situation. Let the app take your measures, understand your body type, help you learn about your business, and based on our inputs and requirements, suggest a dress that compliments our personality in the most commendable way. 


An App to Help You Find the Best Parking Spot

Developed cities are high traffic areas where people are always driving around and if they ever want to make a pit-stop, they may often find themselves struggling to find the right parking spot. What if there is an app in the future that can easily help you find the right parking spot for your vehicle? What if all you ever have to do is type in the name of the place and it may easily locate where your vehicle needs to be parked? Before you know it, you can find the perfect spot to park your vehicle and be best on your way to do your biddings. Such an app can be of great help and prototypes are already circulating in some places. That’s why companies are developing apps for businesses like uber & app development companies are build apps.


So there you go, here are some of the remarkable app ideas which I believe are quite profitable. In the near future, these apps have great potential and can be quite the profit reaping business options. 


Do you have any more interesting app ideas to share? Feel free to discuss them with us. 

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by nickyjames

Nicky James is an online marketing strategist & writing expert with 3+ years of experience, currently associated with Branex, a renowned web design company Toronto. Nicky got many rewards from different task & strategies as it implemented.