6 Signs the Guy You Like is Not Being Honest with You

You’ve just met somebody, perhaps on an online dating site, or maybe you met them somewhere in public, and you really like them. You seem to be getting along well and you’re enjoying spending time with them, but something just doesn’t seem right. You can’t put your finger on it, but something is bothering you. Does this sound familiar? If somebody isn’t being totally honest with you, you might have a gut feeling about it. Some of us might brush this off and tell ourselves that we are being paranoid – and while sometimes that’s the case, a lot of the time it isn’t. Thankfully, there are some sure signs to look out for that can tell you whether or not that guy you like is actually being honest with you.

He’s Too Mysterious

Mystery can definitely be attractive, and when you’re first getting to know somebody, that little element of mystery about them and finding out more about them can be very intriguing. However, there’s a line that sometimes gets crossed. When it comes to dating, mystery generally doesn’t equate to honesty and some people might try to intentionally remain as ambiguous as possible because they know it’s going to keep you around as you try to find out more. If you’re seeing somebody who’s playing this type of game, they’re not being honest with you.

His Actions and Words Contradict Each Other

If he’s always saying one thing and doing the complete opposite, that’s a sure sign that he’s not really being honest with you. In the early stages of dating somebody, their rate of communication can be a telltale sign. For example, if he says that he’s really into you but you have to wait a full day for him to respond to you with a one-word text, he’s probably not being honest. If he tells you everything you want to hear when you’re being intimate but then goes radio silent for days as soon as he leaves, it’s one of the biggest signs he’s not telling you the whole truth.

He’s Evasive

When you’re searching for truth and he keeps changing the topic of the conversation, that’s a huge red flag. Being evasive and changing the subject is one of the oldest techniques that liars use, and he might also try to avoid being honest by responding to your questions with more questions. If you’re not getting the answers that you’re looking for or think that the guy you like is telling you stories that aren’t quite true, try a site like Public Records Reviews to see what you can find out about him. This tool lets you search for education history and more by simply entering the person’s name. So, if he’s telling you that he went to Harvard and you’re not sure that you believe him, a quick check of his education history will clear things up and let you know if your suspicions are founded.

You’ve Seen Him Lie to Others

If you’ve noticed him quite easily lie to his friends or family, then bear in mind that you will more than likely not be the exception to the rule. If lying to other people in his life seems to come really easily to him then chances are, you’re also being deceived. Sure, everybody tells some white lies every once in a while, and it doesn’t make you a really bad person, but if lying or bending the truth seems to be somewhat of a habit with him, then you should be careful when it comes to what you believe.

He’s Vague

The amount of detail that he is willing to give you is another of the signs that you’ll notice if he’s not being honest with you. Although every couple has some topics that are sore points in the relationship or difficult to talk about, somebody who is being honest with you will understand the importance of talking about it no matter how uncomfortable it can get. On the other hand, somebody who wants to avoid telling you the complete truth is likely to try and be as vague as possible, and not get into the specifics of whatever it is you are talking about.

You’re Always Experiencing the Same Problems

Seemingly unfixable problems can be one of the most annoying things in a relationship. Your partner does something that you don’t like; you point it out to him in a conversation about why you don’t like it. They respond that they are going to try harder, but the same problem happens again a week later and after a while, you seem to be having the same conversation every week. Not only does this get in the way of relationship progression, but it’s also a sign that he’s not being honest with you – if he says he’s willing to work at something or change something and he doesn’t, then what else is he lying about?

Have you noticed any of these signs that somebody isn’t telling you the truth?

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