6 Ways to use the Power of Words for Manifesting

Do words really have power or it’s just a new-age spiritual mumbo-jumbo??

“Words are things, I’m convinced. They get in your wallpaper. They get in your rugs, in your upholstery, in your clothes, and finally, into you.

 Maya Angelou

The Source power or whatever name you use to address this energy created this world not just through energy or power but by “saying those words”. In different religious texts of Sanatana-dharma, the whole Universe came to life with the word A-U-M.

So, yes words have power!!!! The power of word is spread everywhere, in every religion, in every spiritual tradition, in everyday life.

Medical Profession is also waking up to the power of words now, a division of this science the Psychiatry partly depends on how words can impact a person’s well-being and positive outlook in life. Neuroscience research has shown the powerful effect words have on our brains.

Never doubt the power of words and the power that “speech” gives by using words.

The Lord of Karma, Saturn works through our 3rd Eye and Throat where the energy can be both of “manifestation” or “negative karma”.  Which is why the Dark Divine Entities of Light like Archangel Michael, Metatron, Goddess Kali, Goddess Hecate are implied for these Chakras.

The Throat is thus the powerhouse of Creation, and so are the words uttered or used in silent communication. Everything in this Universe is affecting everything else, even if they don’t seem connected, to our physical eyes and it’s becoming more and more apparent with the current situation of a virus inflected in the whole world. Earlier it was established that the entire Universe and everything in it is connected through mesh of light.

Which is why the power of words becomes multifold important. When we think or say something the effect of it ripples out everywhere and the more feelings those words have, the stronger the effect. Just imagine yourself sitting in your room talking to someone and all those words are like electric current passing on to the whole world mesh and affecting everything and everyone even if that’s not apparent just then.

The “Butterfly effect” is a way to perceive this, or think of the Nazis who were under the spell of their leader who used words to trigger and play with the minds. People couldn’t even differentiate between cruelty and the right thing to do.

Words are powerful and so they must be used for with goodwill and the will to do good.

Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.
Yehuda Berg

We can use the power of words in 6 different ways to deliver the visions and dreams to materialize in our life. Let’s see how.


Prayers are the first testimony to the success of the power of words.

“Ask and you shall receive.” – Matthew 7:7

It is the language that the Cosmic matrix recognizes if done the right way. Prayer isn’t about becoming a victim and saying what’s lacking in your life so you will like to have it, but it’s praising the Universe the Source-Power that every abundance we need is here and in doing so becoming the real co-creator. Humbleness is important but being humble isn’t being a victim.

If we remain victim our words carry the energy, and that’s not prayer, but a futile gibberish to the quantum field. So, when we say the prayers with the words of power it translates back the power in us-through us making us the chalice to hold our blessings, the manifestation that we wanted.

So, people keep asking but nothing changes for them. When an art & science of the Universe is twisted and turned into what it never was, then there’s only failure to count.

While showing us the power of words the Life-force wants us to use it in all our power, taking accountability for it. That’s how the best prayers are created which becomes the manna for manifesting a good life, a sound health, better relationships, high-paying career and a fulfilling happiness.


Affirmations & Invocations have re-established the power of words in a new way, by bringing the power of “now” into the words. Affirmation is simply what we say and think, and since most of the times it’s negatives it’s used consciously to create a positive environment within us.

When we’re angry or complaining that’s also an affirmation to bring them into our life. So, we start to deliberately and consciously use this power of speech and words to create a whole new reality that matches our desires and dreams, thus healing the matrix of negative feelings.

When the words are spoken as if this is happening in the now; things and situations align themselves into the right place. These words become our command and the power of the Cosmic Spirit translates them into manifesting.

Remembering, every word we say is an affirmation and creating positive ones’ and using them shows the power that words have and the good they can create.


Without doing anything if we just say the right words, think the right words our healing will be done. Many Masters did say that word is all about astral and mental body. Then how can they heal our physical body and ailments? The power of our feeling & thought is translated or worked through our physical body.

Recently in one of my healing videos, I spoke about how during my dark night putting words into my body helped me heal fast. When we realize the power, words have and its effect, we can use it to heal us, our environment, even other people.


Commanding can be a trigger word for many, as it may feel “rude”, “unpolished”, “unsophisticated”. What commanding means in using the power of words isn’t about being brash, or know-all, or rude; but it’s about being humble that we have this power and we can use it in collaboration with our highest-potential self, our Will that ties us with our Life-flow.

When commanding we have to be humble enough to completely trust our life-flow to create what is being decreed. Decreeing and commanding are the same, as it’s not being done from our ego-state but a state of surrender and deep knowing.

Decreeing-Commanding can use the same words and phrases of Affirmation and even Prayer because we are commanding our subconscious, decreeing to our subconscious about a state, that we believe is true. Decreeing-Commanding is an emotional & mental state of win, of success, of leadership, of co-creating in the truest sense.

It’s also about moving out of the victim mode, by taking complete accountability which, we shy away from most of the time.


We have done a lot of visualization after it was made famous. Meditative visualization is a process of taking a journey that creates not only your future but uses the words to attract what you need/want. The words are used as a code of power, it can be molded according to the situation you are working with.

Meditative visualization works amazingly and when you say these words to be used in this journey you can feel the vibrations in your body. The best part is that you see changes in your attitude, in your way of doing things for betterment. Things you wanted to do since long they start working up for you effortlessly. Words increase the potency of this exercise. If you haven’t worked through it, give it a chance.


Gratitude has been praised over and over again throughout history for being one of the best ways to get into your personal power and manifest your life or whatever you want. The words of gratitude have this powerful emotion attached to the words that expand the effect of your practice multifold.

“I have noticed that the Universe loves Gratitude. The more Grateful you are, the more goodies you get”
 Louise Hay

The words in gratitude, even a simple “thank you” is validation enough for our subconscious that things are happening. Gratitude with two words, “thank you” is enough to bring in the required & necessary changes.

With gratitude we can move past stuck situation, difficulties with ease and grace, and the feelings of lack is taken care too. This is a win-win way through the power of words.

With the right use of words, we create ripples in this Universe that affect us in ways we want to. It’s really fascinating as I am discovering the impact of words in a new way and the manner it molds our life, captivating-charming-powerful.

by Paulamie Das

I am a Awakening Manifestation Mentor, Conscious-living Coach. I help people with my healing-counselling-HR-clair-Soul Reading capabilities to find their personal niche' in life, heal and manifest happiness, fulfillment and success. I am a Starseed & Lightworker seeking to connect to my awakened powers and in this process help others too.

My biggest achievements in life is when I healed myself out of a physical situation which could have kept me bedridden forever and coming out of the depression and dark night to live a healthy life while still growing and trying to be better everyday.


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