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6 Winter Plant Care Tips

During Winter months, plants require different treatment than during growing seasons. So far, I’ve been through two cold snaps with my plants and so far I’ve only lost two plants. Over the years, I’ve learned by trial and error the best ways to care for plants during the Winter season. Again, this is what has worked for me considering the climate area I live in, but hopefully you can apply it to your household as well. I hope this helps you other plant parents out there too!

1. Water less frequently

Plants require less water during the Winter months. Personally I only water my plants every two weeks or so. The key to watering most plants is to never let the soil get too dry, so you will want to keep checking the soil during the Winter months; especially as it may vary from plant to plant.

2. Move plants around to find light

Finding light during the Winter months can be tough with shorter days. I recently moved most of my plants along my dining room table which is along a west-facing window. Try to move your plants along a West or South facing window if possible so that they can get the most light during the day.

3. Keep your home at a comfortable temperature

Most houseplants like temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees. This means not letting your home get too cold from drafts or too warm from heat sources. You don’t want to shock your plants from extreme temperature changes.

4. Don’t fertilize

Plants only need to be fertilized during growing seasons. Fertilizing them while they are not growing will cause leaves to burn and turn brown. Even though some plants may continue to grow during Winter, don’t fertilize because most likely the growth is minimal.

5. Move plants away from heat sources

Of course we all use our heaters and other heat sources to keep our homes warm during the Winter. However, be sure to move any plants away from the heat source unless you want your plant’s beautiful leaves to burn and change colors. This includes candles (I learned the hard way).

6. Be okay with losing a plant or two

Even the greenest of thumbs loses a plant or two. I have lost two plants this season. I’ve learned to deal with it and move on. It actually gives me more excuses to rescue or replenish my plant collection. Remember, taking care of plants is a continuous learning process.

by MorganD

My name is Morgan and I’m a 30-something-year-old woman on a pursuit of living out my passions. I’m a child advocate by day and creative by night. I enjoy road trips, hiking, indoor gardening, and writing for my blog. I create home, travel, and wellness content. I currently reside in Northern California with 30+ plant babies.