7 Reasons Why You Should Add Wood Accents To Your Home

Wood can be a timeless addition to your home if done right. Its versatility means that it can be used seamlessly in both new and traditional homes. It is a natural material, so if making your home eco-friendly is important to you then you can’t do better than using wood.

The choice of wood out there is really fantastic, and it is a great material to use if you want to be sure that you can update your home in years to come with minimal effort.

Here are a few of the reasons why wood should be top of your list to add to your home decor.

It’s Good For The Environment

Using wood instead of a less degradable material for home decoration is great for the environment, and its versatility when it comes to repurposing means that there is little waste if used well.

Using wood is also better for your health, as a natural material that has fewer toxins in it. Using natural wood also produces much less carbon dioxide in its creation, unlike other materials such as plastic.

It is also worth considering where you get your wood and the sustainability of the wood you choose and making sure that you choose the most environmentally friendly wood you can find.


There are hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to deciding on which wood you want to use in your home. It is fantastic in terms of what it can be used for, whether you’re looking for garden furniture, attractive storage, ceilings, flooring, and walling can all be made beautifully with wood.

Check out Kefauver for their great range of wood for DIY at home. Using a reputable lumber business is key to getting the best out of your new wood decor. Choosing a family-owned and run business is important to get the peace of mind that is so important when it comes to choosing good quality wood.


You can change the look of wood furnishings, panels, or moldings by painting or staining them. This means that investing in wood furniture, cupboards or counters can be a great way to save money in years to come. Instead of having to have a total overhaul of your decor, you can simply repaint your wood in new and interesting ways.

This also works if you want to scale back your decor for a more simplistic and rustic look. You can sand the wood back down to its original appearance and add polish or stain for longevity.

Make A Statement

You can use wood to be an anchor point in your home. This can be whatever you what it to be, from hardwood flooring to a statement wall. You can then build on the room around this statement piece.

Wood is great for a dark and light contrast so consider investing in a well-made statement piece like a dresser and decorating the room around it with light airy colors for a beautiful contrast.

There really is nothing more pleasing to look at than a well-crafted wood piece of furniture.

It Will Last

Wood is an incredibly durable building material. Whether you’re using it for furniture, flooring, or kitchen countertops you can install it knowing that it will stand the test of time.

This is particularly important for areas of the home that will see heavy use like flooring, or garden furniture that will have to withstand the elements.

Properly treated wood furnishings will last for years ultimately saving you money while looking beautiful.

It Can Be Repurposed

Got some wood paneling that’s looking a bit dated? Another great thing about wood is that it can be repurposed so easily. Whether this means simply repainting or staining it, or taking it out entirely to make it into something new, there are endless options when it comes to re-using wood.

You could try taking up the old flooring, re-sanding and polishing it then use it to create a new dining table. If you’re more creatively-minded you could even create your own wooden decorations for the home out of older wood that you might have around your home.

What is important is that you don’t let this fantastically versatile material go to waste!         

It Adds Texture

Texture is a really important part of home decor. It gives a room depth and contrast and can really make the difference when it comes to creating the perfect look.

Wood is great for this as it contrasts so well with other elements that you will naturally want to incorporate in your home. For example, wood flooring can be set off really well by the right rug as a softening touch. No matter your color scheme, you will find the right combination since wood suits almost every color and texture.


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