A Letter to You, The Divorcee.

A letter to the girl — well, young adult — woman. Mid-twenties. The one with tears streaming down her face, bags under her eyes as if she has not slept. 

Hello, girl. I want to let you know it will be okay. You will cry out all the tears, and someday it won’t hurt so bad.

Don’t forget the beauty that lies within a sunset, giggles with a little baby, or a meow from a furry creature. 

You’ll be held up when you can no longer hold yourself. People will come. To sit with you as you cry, send you songs, little packages of hope. You can even climb into your mother’s lap as if you were again a little girl. It sure feels that way, being so broken and wishing a hug would take it away. 

The sound of the crashing waves will sing a melody of peace within your soul as you sit down there and write, and write. Out come your thoughts, and some emotions will become no more. 

Then night will come, and the pain so deep will abound. You’ll wonder if it will last forever. It sure feels that way. Nothing stops the tears, your head begins to ache; and mounds of tissue on the floor. 

If only I could fix this, maybe if I say this, maybe if I pray enough, maybe if I find the right counselor, maybe, maybe. And then you realize, no. He is gone; and you, alone. Though don’t forget all who surround you. You may feel alone, though are not. Will not be. 

And days turn into months, into years. New relationships succeed and fail. And then, just as before, you close your eyes in that room. The same one you cried all those tears. 

Those seven nights, your head sleeps as you prepare for something new. Something new in which you lost before, marriage. You’ll have a new husband; and a new home. And remember, it’ll all be okay. 

by Brittany Murray

I am many things: a friend, aunt, sister, divorcee, now wife, want to be mother, recovering alcoholic. My voice and writing comes from my pain and joy, and is deeply influenced by my experience as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I currently reside and am a Seattle native.


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