Real Stories

A New Day

It’s a new day for the sun to shine. Wake up, and be free. The day is yours, and the day is mine.

It’s a really great day for the sky to be blue. Look up high! And see the birds soaring too!

On this new day the birds really sing. It’s fun to sing with the birds and hear their songs ringaling.

It’s a new day for the earth to move. It’s amazing how all the people really get into a groove.

On this new day I’ve got two feet on the ground. It’s love that makes the world go around.

It’s a really great day to go out and seize the day. Neighbors wave, and people laugh and play.

It’s a new day to run and skip outside. It’s more wonderful to do this with friends by my side.

On this new day I wear a smile on my face. I do all that I need to do with a heart filled with grace.


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