AFROPUNK 2019: Festival Fashion

This year attendees gathered at Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn to celebrate all that is AFROPUNK. A festival celebrating music, movies, art and all that’s in-between. And AFROPUNK offers up fashion like no other.

Fashion at AFROPUNK is like (wearable) art. Bright, bold colors mixed with patterns, homages and African prints, messages and motifs alongside festival staples like flowers and crowns. Outfits that celebrate whimsy, black excellence and the power of black girl magic and the goddess within.

Check out Harness’s favorite outfits below (photo credit: Snow Rowe):

by Harness Editor

Harness believes that freedom of expression equals female empowerment. The truth? We’re a badass authentic community of fierce women, and we exist to help your voice be heard. Harness is here to be your safe haven. A place to shed the competition, the insecurities. This is a place to rise by lifting others. This is who we are.


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