Art: The Antidote to Pain

Unveiling herself at the perfect moment,

the artist channels whatever needs to be expressed through her.

She only shares it with the world when the art is ripe.

The final stages of ripening are the most sacred, 


and fascinating to behold.

She surrenders to this process. 

Her time will come.

Transforming the divine into art

in a tangible form

takes practice, 








and deep faith. 

It takes believing in something that does not quite exist yet

and then takes believing in one’s own ability to bring it to life in a unique manner. 


What a blessed burden it is to create art. 


Fellow artists of the world, may you be blessed throughout your creative process.

Our gifts are meant to be shared. 

Please do not cage the creator within.

Allow yourself to be the instrument and channel yourself into creation.  

by sarahlinhares

Sarah Linhares is a Canadian Madeiran Portuguese multidisciplinary artist ( singer, songwriter, producer, writer & performer ) based on Madeira Island, Portugal.

Her artistic work explores the sensuality of raw human emotions, the healing power of transformation, and the relationship between the divine and physical realms. Sarah transmutes pain into creation while allowing it to illuminate the beauty nestled in the shadows. Her music is a unique blend of celestial electronic sounds and rhythmic percussion with soulful ephemeral vocals.

She wrote a book of poetry called Subtropical: Musings on Paradise Found which can now be found online.

Sarah is also a Reiki Master and Energy Guide who offers private readings, mentorships, group workshops & retreats. She supports future visionary leaders to embody their uniqueness, power & purpose by working with Astrology, Human Design, Creative Self Expression, Channeling, Voice, Dance, Meditation, and Embodiment practices.