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How does it feel to be a problem?

Everyone thinks you’re a criminal

For committing a crime

of existing

Into a world that relies on

the physical

More than just nameless


Beings that they swear you are

Not a heathen

Just a human

Looking for more than just

Shallow compromises

Of identity

To belong

In a place

Where difference

Is discouraged

No box

No label

Could ever contain

The remnants of the American dream

Whatever is left

Left in fear

No longer dreaming

Just trying to live

To survive

In a world that

Points fingers and swears that you are different

When we’re merely just

Familiar strangers

So tell me

Tell you

Tell us

Where do I

Where do you

Where do we belong

If it isn’t here?

Living a life that isn’t yours

Color-coded alibis

Color-coded you and I


They’re no different

Hiding behind

Constructed words from the tv

Telling them

what to think

About the black sheep

In a white society

Pointing fingers at the wrong things


by Eye Ree

I write poems that are a direct representation of the way that I see the world, serving as a reflection of the good and the bad. I hope you will enjoy them as much I have enjoyed writing them.

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