Alicia Sanchez
I am Alicia Sanchez and I wear many hats, I am the founder behind "Dear God Are We There Yet," a non-profit volunteer community. I run Felicita & Faustina, a studio shop inspired by my Dominican grandmothers. A lover of all things marketing (email & customer experience is my jam) with over 20 years experience working with some of the most prestigious brands worldwide. Helping brands with actionable growth strategies without all the fluff. (pet peeve in business: social media is NOT a strategy and marketing jargon is plain dumb) Plus, I am, all about teaching budgets and investing in rentals through my blog, MamasDinero.com, where I help families get savvy with their dinero. I wholeheartedly believe that anyone can improve their financial life by budgeting, saving, paying down high-interest debt, and investing all while helping others! (not one size fits all type of finances) I started my personal finance journey with over 80k in debt, with a negative net worth, and my credit was hurting really bad ( thanks to piled-up medical bills). Over the past few years, I have built a foundation of strategies for myself and my family...doubling my income, which led me to purchasing investment properties to begin my real estate portfolio. Did I mention they are OUT OF STATE! Oh, and did I mention? I am wife and mom to a five-year-old who's basically my CEO! Yup, lots of merengue over here.
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