Breaking the Taboo: Why Talking About Money Should Be As Normal As Chatting About Anxiety

Let’s dive into something we usually avoid like the plague – money (dinero). Yeah, I said it. We need to talk about money (dinero) as openly as we do about anxiety and other mental health issues. Imagine getting bombarded with messages about embracing our limiting beliefs about money (dinero) the same way we are about mental health. Sounds revolutionary, right?

I’m absolutely drained from the lack of space for women in the workplace, the equal pay debate, and the fact that POC are often underpaid and their voices hushed. Mental health is real, but let’s be honest – doesn’t money (dinero) play a huge part in it? There’s such a stigma around money (dinero) that it feels like people shy away from controversial issues. But isn’t mental health itself controversial? The lack of focus on POC communities and women’s support is a glaring example.

Think back to your earliest money (dinero) memories. Most of us start forming these around the age of five, and those memories shape every financial choice we make. When you apply for a job and get a lowball offer, where do you find the confidence to negotiate? Or in a relationship, how do you ensure you’re not taken advantage of financially?

You might think mental health and money (dinero) don’t belong in the same conversation, but they’re more intertwined than you realize.

Money (dinero) conversations shouldn’t be cringeworthy. We talk about ADHD and see a flood of TikToks offering tools and resources. But are the money (dinero) resources loud enough? I’m tired of people thinking these topics aren’t marketable or that their audience won’t be receptive. We live in a world where white men often control our perception of money (dinero), but let’s flip the script.

This little Afro-Latina is here to give you a virtual hug and inspire you to start examining your feelings about money (dinero). How can you make changes for yourself and future generations?

So, what about you? How do you feel when the topic of money (dinero) comes up? Does it spark anxiety, confidence, curiosity, or dread? I challenge you to share your story on social media. What emotions surface when people talk about money (dinero) around you?

Let’s break the taboo together and make money (dinero) talks a normal part of our lives.

The change could be revolutionary.
Ready to start the conversation? Let’s hear your stories! 🌟

by Alicia Sanchez

I am Alicia Sanchez and I wear many hats, I am the founder behind "Dear God Are We There Yet," a non-profit volunteer community. I run Felicita & Faustina, a studio shop inspired by my Dominican grandmothers.

A lover of all things marketing (email & customer experience is my jam) with over 20 years experience working with some of the most prestigious brands worldwide. Helping brands with actionable growth strategies without all the fluff. (pet peeve in business: social media is NOT a strategy and marketing jargon is plain dumb) Plus, I am, all about teaching budgets and investing in rentals through my blog, MamasDinero.com, where I help families get savvy with their dinero.

I wholeheartedly believe that anyone can improve their financial life by budgeting, saving, paying down high-interest debt, and investing all while helping others! (not one size fits all type of finances) I started my personal finance journey with over 80k in debt, with a negative net worth, and my credit was hurting really bad ( thanks to piled-up medical bills).

Over the past few years, I have built a foundation of strategies for myself and my family...doubling my income, which led me to purchasing investment properties to begin my real estate portfolio. Did I mention they are OUT OF STATE! Oh, and did I mention? I am wife and mom to a five-year-old who's basically my CEO! Yup, lots of merengue over here.