Best Meditation Techniques For Spiritual Awakening

In general, there are lots of views and opinions about the actual concept of spiritual meditation. Spiritual meditation benefits you of turning inwards to your spirituality for peace, calm, and satisfaction. This concept is present in almost all the religions and spiritual schools. It will be of great help if you have suffered any personal loss, or have felt grief and sorrow, as grief is complicated, it cannot be expressed in words.

For women, it can work wonders and can help to transform with a positive and confident approach. It can intensely improve their loneliness or urge they have in their lives. Meditation helps reach a state of self-contentment, interconnecting with others and with their elevated self. It enhances the happiness they feel and turns them into a warmhearted person, free from any angst or despair.

Now we will guide you with 5 meditations which are immensely constructive and substantial for spiritual awakening:

1. Basic breathing spiritual meditation

This simple looking meditation is undoubtedly influential. When you pay attention to the breath, you get rid of diversions from the world outside and start focusing on your inside. Not only spiritually, but this meditation also boosts physical/human level. “When you feel your breath, you start loving yourself and realize the in-depth consciousness which aids all healings,” says, James Holland, trainer in meditation practice at CrowdWriter.

Sit comfortably in a quiet place, close your eyes, and pay attention to your breathing. When you observe yourself in this way, you become an associate companion of yourself. By staying in this phase, your mind relaxes, and you start experiencing a feeling of loving yourself.

2. Present moment focus meditation

Another great meditation for spiritual awakening is present moment focus meditation. To benefit from this meditation, it is crucial to understand this idea that there is no past and no future. These terms of past and future were just created to keep focus averted from the present moment. When a woman abandons the time delusion and starts paying attention to the present time, she begins to experience the reality of herself, which is the basis of self-consciousness.

As consciousness is defined as knowing yourself, what you are from inside, your actual reality. In this spiritual meditation, you pay diligence within and go deep down, using self-consciousness to your advantage. You get rid of all our worries by diverting our attention from the past and future. This results in finding yourselves in the present moment to awake our spirituality.

3. Unifying phrase meditation

This meditation has a substantial impact on focusing our thoughts on the reality of being unified every moment, in any condition, as you go about life. All the pains originate in our minds, and this meditation helps a woman to feel light from all burdens.

The unifying phrases used are different from attestation, which results in making our sufferings less painful. Instead, unifying phrase can serve as a path through which attention can be diverted from a scattered state to a tranquilized state within which our mind relaxes.

4. Inner vision meditation

This spiritual meditation involves the insight view of our inner self, what we are, by getting rid of all thoughts from the outside world and just focusing on understanding the wisdom of our hidden identity. In this spiritual meditation, we use signs of the body and center of its strength, which lies in mind.

This helps you to realize that, in actuality, our body exists within our mind, not our mind in our body. You have to use the indications of mind to focus our attention to our innermost feeling, which is the source of all relief.

5. Forgiveness meditation

This is a critical spiritual meditation. The benefits of forgiveness can be healing for women and are very compelling at getting rid of suffering and fighting mental illness. As they can come to peace with all dimensions of this approach, they are not able to overstep it.

In this world, we are often advised that we need to forgive, but we are not told how to do it. The purpose of this spiritual meditation is to help you forgive the wrong been done to you. Besides, whatever we judge about another person is in actual the expression of ourselves, with the same approach that we judge other persons with.

How to achieve the height of spiritual awakening

Spiritual meditation helps you understand the eternal truth and experience that takes you to the depth of your inside. To achieve the height of spiritual awakening, you must follow a couple of techniques as discussed below:

a) Relax & release any grudges

Before you start, choose a quiet and calm place, sit in a comfortable position, relax, and release any grudges you’ve been holding. This way, you will be well prepared to attain the height of spirituality.

b) Feel the process & spirituality

When you go for any of the meditations as mentioned above, the most crucial aspect is to feel the process and spirituality as it typically involves a search for meaning in life. Hence, you have the procedure in your mind and need to follow the pattern consciously.


Spiritual meditation can lead to a healthy and content inner life. The forms and techniques mentioned in this article are effective not only for spiritual awakening but are also beneficial in physical and mental prosperity.

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