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I remember the first time I thought of my supposed million-dollar business. No, it didn’t come to me in a dream, and I didn’t know I’d be quitting my job two days later. All I knew was I was unhappy, ready for a change and knew it would be worth it…or so I thought.  

Before I make big changes in my life, I always think back to a moment I had during my youth group at church many years ago. I was in middle school and just started going to youth group with my older, wiser and cooler sister. We came in late and sat near the back. I’m not sure what the actual lesson was about, but I remember how the youth pastor ended his teaching.  

“You all sit silently while I share records of people risking their lives for their beliefs but no one ever asks the question that most of you are thinking right now,” he says. He continues and recalls a night where a girl finally asked that question. That girl, was my sister. That question was “Is it worth it?” 

Can you imagine, sitting in youth group, waiting to be released to play basketball in your peeps, hearing a story about a missionary risking their life in a faraway country and hearing the person next to you ask, in all seriousness – is it worth it? 

By the time I was hearing this story from the youth pastor it was about two years after she first asked, but he tells this story every year because he thinks that people need to hear it and I agree.  

So often, we hear stories of tragedy and hard times, but it doesn’t hit home. The stories go from rags to riches in seconds so we don’t realize how long we might be in the “rags” section.  

I’ll say, I’m happy I had that experience at my youth group because I now always check my vision against that one question- is it worth it? 

If it takes me one year to reach my business goals, will it be worth it? 

Today, our generation is wholly concerned with maintaining their lifestyle or living life on their own terms. I believe that working for yourself whether it’s as a digital nomad or having your own side hustle are some of the best ways to do that, but I realized many entrepreneurs are not ready to ask themselves this tough question: 

Are you willing to do whatever it takes even if it doesn’t seem worth it right now? 

Everyone starts off saying, “of course it is worth it.” But when most businesses fail after a few years, it’s time to get real from the beginning. There’s going to be hard times, you’ll have to find a way out, but when you do, you’ll know that it was worth every second.  



Author: KT Sterlin
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Author Bio: Author Bio: KT Sterlin, a minimalist at heart and practice. Whether it’s planning an event or connecting with business owners, she knows there is a way to do it simply and effectively. She’s spreading this philosophy to other mindful digital nomads.
Link to social media or website: Facebook @kt.sterlin | Instagram @ksterli2

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  1. This article poses a question, we all must ask ourselves. I do often actually.

    I would be the kid to ask a question and hold everyone up lol great memories.

  2. I absolutely love your story and I will live by your question. I will ask myself that same question and the answer will be YES IT IS WORTH IT!!! I thank God for you KT and D for letting your light shine.


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