Can a Millennial Even Give Career Advice?

I woke up and realized, I don’t have a job. Here I am, a workhorse since I was 16. You name it, I’ve done it (or have some form of experience with it). Want examples? Check out my list of amazing opportunities: Pharmacy Technician, Fast Food Worker, Lab Technician, Middle School Licensed Teacher, Coach, Assistant Director, Industrial Hygienist Intern. The list could literally go on for days, months, or even years. However, in this very moment, I DON’T HAVE A JOB!

I can’t blame anyone but myself. In every experience, I have found something wrong. Y’all, I am laughing as I write this because I have even said something as stupid as, “I hate this job because I don’t like the location. It’s not close enough for me to go out after work.” Therefore, I quit and moved to an entirely different city in an entirely different state. Can you believe the mere millennial-ness of that statement? I have had to use my husband as my scapegoat to tell people why we have moved to four different states in six years. Ugh, I’m disgusted that I can’t hide I am the truest form of a millennial. What is my problem? I’ll tell you what!

I Get Bored Easily

I was the idiot who went to college and got not one, but two degrees: a bachelor’s in Environmental Science and a master’s in Educational Leadership. My interests lie in neither. I took my experiences and worked in the nonprofit sector in positions requiring neither of these degrees. If you were to ask me why neither degree worked for me, my only answer is that they bore me. Neither undergraduate experience made me feel interested in the subject whatsoever by the end of the program.

That’s the thing–when we look for careers, the internet provides the best parts of every job. You can be this and make millions. You can be that and work remotely. Every job has created a market to sell you on the idea of working within that career. The sad part is, many of the jobs suck! No one is telling you that you will have to cold call or deal with abusive students. No one is saying that while you can work remotely you must be on your computer at all times or within the city you were hired in at all times. Now you’re mad you can’t live the backpacking life you’ve always wanted to live. They just tell you the good. I take time to Google the cons of every position I think to consider. If they are things I can’t enjoy, I will walk away before I even start.

What Makes You Happy

Haha! What a joke! I have heard so much career advice about what makes you happy, and it makes me want to barf! Do you think if I knew what made me happy, I would seek to do it?! That’s not career advice. That pure and utter laziness in guiding me to success. I think the better question is what do you like about your current job. Do you like freedom? Can you handle freedom? I worked remotely in a content writer position. It sucked! I was so miserable. I missed people. I worked as a STEM Teacher in a middle school. Guess what? I thought it sucked, too! I felt suffocated by the space I was in.

What I’m saying is, ask the right questions fit for you! I want strictness with a little flexibility. I actually enjoy specific deadlines. I like attending events and planning events. I love community service…as long as I’m not outside in 100 degree weather. All of these details led me to the positions I’m currently working in.


Love the process. Haha! Yet and still, total bull. Who loves the process when they feel they are lost?! How can I get excited about feeling stuck? It’s funny because several times on this journey to career discovery I have gotten lost. I started a company called Sol Barista, because I felt it was a sign. I’ll have you know, I had never worked in a coffee shop a day of my life. I mean my YouTube inspiration responded to my comment on her video about starting a coffee shop, I thought it was meant to be, wrong! I also started a mentoring company, because I’m skilled at teaching students how to read. The skilled part is accurate, but I hate teaching! Once again, wrong! Do you think I smiled through the process? Heck no. I’m still mad at how much money I spent starting these companies, only for them to totally bust! I know there is a reason for it all, but sheesh. Does everything have to cost money for me to figure out it’s not for me?

Hopefully, this process of self-discovery will lead to clear career goals. Until then, I’ll keep living and smiling knowing that all of this craziness will lead me to one day be able to give clear career advice for the every day millennial.

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by ASpeights

I am a mother, wife, educator, and lover of all things simple. I have a passion for great spirits and positive energy. Good vibes and happiness is what I live for! Join me on the journey of figuring out how to reach the greatest potential of our lives!


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