Can We Really Find Literature In Art?

Literature, as far as we know, contains powerful messages which not everyone has the pleasure to discover. Some do not enjoy reading books, or they delay their reading for another time. This is why I have decided to bring together important ideas in literature and project them onto a canvas.

Humans learn in different ways, and have a desire to grasp knowledge as quickly as possible. Therefore, through abstract art, I present these ideas with the intent to stimulate the individual’s mind. In return, I ask the audience to think critically about these art pieces, and immerse themselves in the artwork.

My artistic process consists of pairing colors in my mind that reflect the particular time period that a literary work was written in (If I think of a significant work of Ancient Greece, such as the Odyssey or the Iliad, I will choose colors such as beige, brown, blue and gold). Other colors used within the art piece represent symbolic aspects in the piece of literature chosen. Altogether, it results into a unique artwork which evokes a critical and emotional response.

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Author: Ariel Lacombe
Email: ariellacombe@live.com
Author Bio: Self-taught, Ariel Lacombe has been painting for over two years, and continues to do so with the intention to stimulate her audience’s mind through abstraction. Inspired from the several books she reads, she desires to portray her thoughts and ideas from literature onto a canvas. Her recent work reflects the human condition, which is a theme heavily discussed in literature and philosophy. The spread of knowledge is important for Ariel, and believes that it can be done through many kind of artistic outlets, such as music, writing or photography. Ariel also has a painting series titled “Essence of a Woman” which encourages all women to embrace their body and their essence.
IG: https://www.instagram.com/arielkarmapolice/  (@arielkarmapolice)
Link to social media or website: https://www.ariellacombe.com


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