Cold Bliss

Oh, winter winds I’ve missed your chill

Your crisp air lingers on,

The smell of pine and mistletoe

Makes me burst into song.

Carols, of course, what better way

To welcome you again,

You light up the world with spirit and charm

Making children out of men.

You are present in every step I take

Every corner that I turn,

I smell you, feel you, I even hear you

In my memory, you are burned.

If I face downtimes in eleven months

The twelfth one fixes them all,

There’s just something special about December

No matter how big or small.

What is it about you that lights me up?

As much as a Christmas tree,

It has to be something magical

It just has to be.

As sure as you bring the cold

You bring warmth along with you,

Because somehow the Christmas spirit

Makes humanity ring true.

My favorite and best memories

Reflect during your season,

And not to sound cliché and all

But you hold a special reason.

The essence of December

All that it brings,

Means so much to me

As I know it always will.

Oh, winter winds until you return

Of you, I shall reminisce,

Waiting to make new memories

In the comfort of cold bliss.

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by Nicole Townsend

Nicole Townsend is a writer from the island of Jamaica, she mainly writes poetry, stories, articles, and song lyrics.
She has self-published two books on Amazon titled Serenity: Poems for the Mind and most recently Thoughts Of Me: Self-Helping Yourself. She has had multiple poems published in Harness Magazine and also has been published on Page and Spine. She has been awarded the second-place position for the over eighteen age group in the Caribbean and Americas region in the Common Wealth Youth Council’s Unseen and Unspoken poetry competition for her poem titled Stagnant. Most recently she has been awarded second place in the Tales of Autumn poetry competition. She is a well-rounded individual who loves life, is passionate and dedicated.


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