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The seeker, never sought. 

Alone, iced, distant, 

even when she tries to 

warm herself by the fire 

of trying.


A lone wolf but only

as a last resort. 

The chant echoes in

her wired brain.

“Weird. Obscure. Fake niceties.

You are not welcome, not really.”


Tolerated for show. 

Smiles but porcelain.

A sigh of relief

when she is gone.


She asks herself

“Why me?” 

Not in a piteous way

but in a way that stirs curiosity

and, in truth, self-doubt.


When she stops,

the masks crack,

revealing the hideous decay

she was terrified was always there.

by Lindsay Detwiler

Lindsay Detwiler is a high school English teacher and a USA TODAY Bestselling author with HarperCollins/One More Chapter. Her debut thriller, The Widow Next Door, is an international bestseller. Her second novel, The One Who Got Away, released in February with One More Chapter/HarperCollins. Her latest novel, The Diary of a Serial Killer's Daughter, has been called "dark, unique, and a must-read in the thriller genre."

Lindsay is married to her junior high sweetheart. She prides herself on writing about genuine, raw emotions for the modern woman.


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