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Divine Feminine Energy— How To Unleash The Goddess Inside You!

“It’s the magic within you— untamed, unbothered, fearsome, and yielding. Divine Feminine Energy is the true nature of your essence and existence—physically and spiritually.”

Through time, human-made societies have tried to outlaw nature and tame the very core of our being. We have become submissive to rules, boundations, norms, societal agendas in order to exist in a safe and, dare I say, cowardly community. 

In their true essence, humans are the exact opposite of what society has made us today. We are fierce, nurturing, powerful, untamable, creative, animalistic (at times), creators, curious wanderers, witnessers— we are limitless, infinite, and forever existing. 

“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff, and we are a way for the universe to know itself,”— Says Carl Sagon, A famous astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, scientist, author, and so much more! 

At rare times, you may have come across wild energy within you wanting to unleash itself towards the wrongdoings of the society— that sacred and unknown energy within you recalls itself as divine feminine energy. 

Agelessly, this energy exists within all of us— it remains alive throughout the course of time. It questions the law, dictates freedom, showers love, synchronizes with the body, aligns itself with stars, yields growth, procures harmony, and breaks limits forced by society. 

When individuals hear ‘feminine,’ they connect Divine Feminine energy’s significance with motherhood, womanly duties, and life-birth. However, that’s very far away from the truth. Divine feminine energy is genderless and exists with the soul and body, not the appointed gender. 

Is There A True Definition Of Divine Feminine Energy? 

Every single person who has experienced this intense energy will have a different experience, but at the same time, completely alike. In more actual words, it’s the sixth sense of our body (intuition) and the third eye of Lord Siva (enlightenment). 

It’s a variable of our consciousness that connects to the cosmos and believes in intuitions, manifestation, awakening, boundless love, curiosity, ageless wisdom, receptivity, and connection with nature. 

With an inward journey, you may touch it, reach it, and feel it. Instead of looking outside for answers, peek inside— acknowledge its existence within you. 

Society Against Divine Feminine Energy

“People don’t spend their lives trying to get a look at what’s behind the curtain. They like the curtain because it provides them stability, comfort, definition.”—Murray Bauman In The Fiction Series’ Stranger Things.

Society feeds on sugar-coated lies, temporary stability, and beautiful curtains. It draws boundaries to feel safe from the devils this society itself creates. Toxic community kills curiosity, limits human’s strength, lives in a well-fabricated lie, and perceives what pleases its putty mentality. 

It believes in Physical Gods but denies the divinity within you! Society gives you shelter as leverage— to snatch it back again when you question its fundamentals and when you rebuke the norms. It thrives on acceptance, ill-taught religion, control, power, and superiority. 

Over time, society has reduced femininity to procreation, reproduction, and life-birth. Society forgets that before being a woman, it was a human, an animal, an extra celestial being, stars, the universe, and the cosmos. It’s utterly atrocious to consider women to be weak! 

Society forgets there’s power in delicacy— tender touch yields love and heals wounds (physical and mental). Love, my friends, is the most potent weapon to exist, and it’s the language of the universe. 

In a nutshell, society reciprocates the outer world’s existence without acknowledging what’s inside. On the contrary, Divine Feminine will make you question those beliefs; it awakens and guides you through the inward journey and helps you search your soul. 

History Evidencing Divine Feminine Energy 

For as long as humankind has known, Divine Feminine energy has been worshiped and acknowledged. Every religion that takes you inward speaks about femininity profoundly. 

Although in different contexts, its essence remains the same. Anyone born in religion must have come across various practices and texts that tell the importance of divine feminine energy. 

Hindu Mythology embodies and worships divine feminine energy through many goddesses. The goddess of Destruction, Kali, signifies the fierceness of a woman. That, when unleashed, will destroy every wrongdoer. 

In Judaism, Shekinah signifies the presence of God or Divinity with us. In Sentara, Yemaya is the mother earth. In Greek mythology, Aphrodite represents sexual love and worldy beauty. 

In Hindu mythology, Divine Feminine Energy is represented through Maa Durga and her nine forms— each holding divine significance. Maa Durga is known as Shakti, and Shakti translates to power. 

  1. The first form represents the utmost level of consciousness— The energy peak. You can experience it by embracing your genuine emotions, whether it’s anger, love, empathy, sadness, etc. The highest peak of your emotions introduces you to something divine within you— that’s feminine energy. 
  1. The second form signifies Infinity goddess— that who exists forever and everywhere without limits— She defines the expansive cosmos; neverending. You are not just a human; you are everything and everywhere. You are the moon, the sun, stars, mountains, river, oceans, planets, animals— you are everything that exists with or without form, and with or without life. 
  1. The mind and its true power to change the world. 
  2. The creator of the cosmos. 
  3. Wisdom
  4. Fight against injustice. She emerges from divinity. 
  5. Maa Kali— the goddess of destruction, one who savages wrongdoers, 
  6. Maa Gauri signifies the warmth and beauty of nature within us.
  7. A giver.

You are all this and beyond!

Unlike What’s Thought, Divine Feminine Energy Is Genderless

Divine feminine energy is genderless, and it connects with the soul— the soul exists in humans, regardless of gender identified by birth. 

Through time, we have concluded and adapted a false gender binary. What is soft, loving, and gentle is feminine, and that what’s strong, dominant, and protective is masculine. 

However, there’s no truth in the statement. We all have witnessed women who are as fierce and men who are as gentle. Every human possesses both feminine and masculine traits together— It’s a balance, and anything otherwise would be unstable. 

  • Men cannot protect without emotions. They must feel tenderness and love to awaken the will to shield. 
  • Similarly, women who flourish with love and gentleness will develop the fierceness to protect those they love. 

The Coexistence of Femininity & Masculinity

Hindu Mythology beautifully defines this balance with Shakti (feminine energy) and Shiva (masculine energy). Shakti and Shiva don’t exist separately— they live together in the form of a transgender person (Ardhnaariardhshiva)— half man and half woman. It’s a story signifying two essential aspects:

  • Human should embrace both their forms— femininity and Masculinity 
  • To offer significance to the transgender community. 

So, irrespective of their gender, humans have had a balance of Shiva and Shakti since birth (whether they come to acknowledge it or not). Only in the embrace of both can humans truly attain their truest form and energy. 

What is Divine Masculine Energy? 

Again, divine masculine energy doesn’t only exist in men— it’s genderless and equally as pure as feminine energy. When divine feminine energy flows, divine masculine energy holds ground. 

Femininity dances and masculinity stabilizes. They complete each other. Divine masculine energy is vital, awakened, still, and consuming. It’s focused and centered. The masculine energy is strong yet full of compassion. If feminine energy is a river, the masculine energy is earth. If feminine energy is movement, divine masculine energy is resistance. 

Divine masculine energy is awareness, courage, mindfulness, direction, and acceptance. 

It accepts reality and forgives. Divine Masculine energy is both destruction and creation. Together, Femininity and masculinity create the rhythm and dance of the universe. 

With the misuse of power and strength in society, masculinity has become toxic, controlling, suffocating, abusive, and egotistical. Men take pride in their physical strength and overpower women. It’s time you look beyond societal fragments and learn what’s inside you— masculinity is equally tender, soft, compassionate, and giving. 

How To Evoke Divine Feminine Energy Within You?

“You don’t develop or give birth to divine feminine energy; you can only seek it, for it has existed since the very start.”

There’s no shortcut to attaining divine feminine energy. Some find it earlier, others take their own time— either way, every individual has their own pace. You should never compare your journey to that of others because growth is determined by personal experiences and happenings— it’s going to be different for everyone. 

However, everything starts with acknowledging yourself, the stigmas you have been fed, the wrong practices you accept, and what you impose on others. More than often, we become the society we hate so dearly. It’s human psychology to direct your pain by hurting others, and it’s an ill-fed coping mechanism. 

Feminine divine energy accepts your pain and heals your wounds. People might believe feminine divine energy is something you achieve after a long, righteous journey. But, no. Feminine divine energy itself is a journey of healing, love, and prosperity, and it grows as you grow as a human being. 

Activating Divine Feminine Energy Through These Steps

The journey to accepting ourselves in the truest form is not difficult. However, flipping around the societal stigma imposed on us is very difficult. Our minds have been tamed to act like puppets 

1. Wounded femininity— Here’s how to heal it. 

If your mother is orthodox and not in touch with her femininity, chances are that you will become like her or the women around you— oppressed, stressed, submissive, and controlled. 

It’s a journey of undoing yourself as a whole. We have seen a society where women are considered weak, and men use their physical strength to oppress them. It’s not just men; wounded women themselves criticize women of power out of envy and jealousy. 

In regular households, women are told to be lady-like, pretty like an expensive ornament, and submissive. Those who oppose the inflicted ideas suffer from abusive families and harsh judgment. 

But we see things changing; more women are heading together with men, equally powerful and equally strong. It’s a victory for divine feminine energy that has evolved amongst women. It has struggled for ages— from suffrage to dealing with objectifying comments, low wages, violence, etc.

Men’s wounded Ego— a demon inflicted by the society

Similarly, men will take over their father or oppressive men surrounding them. Men are told not to cry, show emotions, show love— that these traits make them look weak. 

But, please know, crying, showing emotions, and loving will only make you stronger— it will strengthen you emotionally and physically. 

Men are spoiled by their parents, especially mothers. 

Men are treated like they are better than women, and this manipulation does make men believe that they are indeed better than women. 

However, men and women are equal; they hold each other and strengthen each other. Without the other half, you will remain empty. 

It’s time to choose what’s best for you rather than what’s better for society. Easier said than done, right? Don’t worry, we’ll get through this together. 

Relax with nature and look upon what’s wrong with you and around you. Don’t accept them. It’s time we challenge society for our freedom. That’s not all; look where you are wrong as a human, as well. 

Question Yourself And Question The Society

Ask yourself:

  • Have you oppressed another woman as a woman? Have you undermined her potential? It’s time we support them, their progress (no matter how small). Appreciate the people around you. It will blossom love within you. 
  • Have you laughed at a crying man without acknowledging his pain? Empathize with them instead, and you will find your own wounds healed. 
  • Have you physically dominated a woman without her consent? Ask yourself if you can exist without a woman? If not, then you should know women aren’t weak. 

Now, TELL the society: 

  • Just because I cry doesn’t mean I’m weak. Crying helps me become more assertive. I’m human, after all. 
  • FRAGILE does not equate to WEAKNESS! It’s a strength! 
  • Live and let live in harmony, support, love, and balance. 

2. The Journey Of Love Starts With Self-Love And Self-Care

Love can heal the biggest and scariest wounds. You cannot love others until you love yourself, truly and completely. The universe, including all its elements (human, oceans, moon, the sun, stars, galaxies, rivers, mountains, etc.), converse and grow with the language of love, empathy, and freedom. 

To love the universe and for the universe to reciprocate that love, one must love themselves first. 

Don’t limit your love simply with words; go beyond and love with actions. There’s no easy book to magically start loving yourself in a short period. 

It takes effort and a long healing period to go beyond those horrible childhood traumas, self-destruction, and self-judgment— to love despite years of self-harm both physically and mentally. 

We are in the constant need to do better and be better— whatever we do simply isn’t enough. Honey, you are more than enough! You don’t have to prove yourself; you don’t need to struggle so much. You don’t have to be so hard on yourself. 

How To Love Yourself?

  • Share words of love with yourself standing in front of the mirror. Accepting flaws is difficult; start with appreciating small details that you like. Maybe, your nose, or perhaps eyes, heart, or your personality. 
  • Face your insecurities. You don’t have to do it for the audience. Stand alone in the room and bare yourself. 
  • Accept that cute fat belly, your glorious skin color, your harsh acne. Ask yourself, is it really terrible? Believe me, it’s not! You are so beautiful despite what societal beauty measures have to say about it. 
  • You don’t have to make the world accept it. You only have to convince yourself. If you are not comfortable baring your flaws in public, share moments of liberation and admiration alone in the room until you are ready. 
  • Don’t believe every harsh judgment thrown upon you. People probably throw their own insecurities at you! 
  • Take small steps. Acknowledge one good thing (no matter how small) every day.

With verbal love, treat yourself with actions.

  • Purchase that dress you have been dying to wear. 
  • Apply makeup and feel pretty. 
  • Do yoga, exercise, drink water, and eat healthily. But don’t stop treating yourself to delicious junk food once in a while. 
  • Read positive books 
  • Spend time doing things that you like. It could be anything— walking, driving, traveling, sleeping, etc. 

3. Acknowledge Your Raw Emotions

Men are in a constant struggle with their emotions. Their inner feelings, demons, and emotions oppose the concept of societal parameters. 

Men are told to limit their emotions, sadness, and insecurities, and they are asked to stand firm despite the creeping anxiety and pain. This disorderly mental war will eventually affect your whole being and put you far away from your natural energies and Chakras— you will not only be deprived of feminine power but also masculine energy. 

It’s time you accept your emotions and cry for the love of God. You can never get rid of the pain until you accept it and let it consume you. Pretending that you don’t feel pain will only worsen the situation. So, let it consume you, and you will witness that pain vanish. The realization and acceptance will make you strong naturally. 

“Your pain defines who you are, but it no longer holds power on you.”

—Noah to Helge in the German series ‘Dark.’

So, instead of escaping your pain, face it. Ask yourself about your feelings every day: 

  • “Are you alright?”
  • “What causes you so much pain?”
  • “Tell yourself, ‘you should cry a little. It will help!”
  • “How did you feel today?” “How did you feel last day?”

If you cannot explain your thoughts, try expressing them with a single word: “I’m happy,” “Sad.” “Angry,” “excited,” etc. 

Try a therapist if you cannot confide your emotions with family or friends. Sometimes, our mind doesn’t allow us to feel things, and a therapist will help us open up with questions and answers we didn’t know we needed. 

When we understand ourselves and our pain— we become empathetic, loving, and compassionate. Accepting pain will blossom you with love; love will channel your divine feminine energy. 

“Be true to yourself if you cannot be true to the world.” When confronting yourself, speak the truth. 

4. Demand And Approach What You Deserve Rightfully

Has society snatched your freedom and instilled you with fear? Without freedom, we are mere pawns of the community. We are not ours, and we’ll always be bound to rules, regulations, and norms. 

It’s a fight against your own people, people who have snatched that freedom away from you. Sometimes, individuals aren’t even aware of their hostile life. 

For a long time, as a woman, I was held captive in the house at night because the outer world was scary. Should I accept my fate and spend my whole life never getting out to see the beauty of the night, the stars, the moon, the streets? 

No, fear shouldn’t stop you from living. 

Take notes of what you aren’t allowed to do even if you dearly enjoy it— going out, eating delicious food, dancing, wearing revealing clothes, doing makeup? Even if society presents you with justifiable answers to all those boundaries, I would still urge you to break them all! 

So, how exactly does one fight for that freedom? 

  • Setting boundaries against society: Don’t allow them to be a part of your life if they will be negative. Don’t let them decide for you! Decide for yourself! 
  • Saying NO to things that you don’t want: We are asked to be generous at the cost of our own health. Telling people NO for your own health is not selfish; it’s self-love. 
  • Don’t let them belittle you: Express your thoughts and opinions openly— speak firmly of what you decide for yourself. 

5. Get in Touch With Your Soul

We often accept the roles given to us by society— a people pleaser, someone who wants to fit in and be accepted.

To be accepted in society, we enslave ourselves. 

With years and years of manipulation, programming, and inherited beliefs — it’s difficult to separate what you really are and what society made you. So, ask yourself— was this action/speech truly my doing or a reflex response for what I’m always asked for? 

Our reflexes are trained; we have no free will because our brains have been tamed to behave in a certain manner. Undoing the damage inflicted on us will take time, but a start will always be the most significant step you take for yourself and your soul. 

Women have been told to serve; as a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. We are never considered our own, and we are asked to be the giver without having anything. Throughout our lives, we serve others and ensure their happiness. 

However, we often forget to love ourselves, make our own life happy first, and live for ourselves. NO, it’s not selfish, for you can only love others when you love yourself truly. 

6. Embrace your sexuality

Sex is quite liberating. In orgasm, you get one with the universe. Orgasm nullifies pain, sorrow, and negativity, making you reach the highest level of pleasure. Orgasm is a state of ecstasy; its vibrations are in rhythm with the universe.

Someone who denies sex is considered pure and celestial. Someone who accepts and enjoys sex is regarded as an filtiy creature. It’s far from the truth— sex is just as pure and as divine. If verbal love connects souls, sex connects the bodies.

Sex and pleasure is not just for men; it’s for all the breathing creatures. It’s not only pleasurable for men but for women, too. So, explore your sexuality— it’s an expression of self-love. 

  • During sex, think about your own desires as well as your partners. 
  • Let your partner/partners know your fantasies and needs. 
  • Don’t accept sex you are uncomfortable with. 
  • Learn to say no to things you don’t want in bed. 

Activate Your Divine Feminine Energy With These Steps: 

  • Meditation and yoga: As mainstream as it might seem— yoga and meditation will help you recenter and reset your soul and body. While yoga is for the body, meditation is for the soul. 

By meditating, you get closer to your sixth sense. Meditation allows us solitude hours, and this time spent with ourselves will help us get to know ourselves better. This constant relaxed mind will help you separate society from your being and existence. 

  • Like-minded community: Interact with men and women of your mentality. Individuals who are awakened and away from boundaries will help you grow. Their words alone will help you decide and understand things around you. 
  • Therapy will bring you closer to yourself and, thereby, your soul.
  • Journalling: If you cannot speak, convey your thoughts in a diary. The more time you spend with yourself, the more you grow and get closer to the soul. 
  • Trust your inner voice and intuition: Before making any rash decision/abrupt action, ask yourself if that’s what you really want. Your inner voice will deliver the thoughts of your soul! 
  • Spend time in nature: It’s quite healing— its sound, friction, smell, and essence will heal you! 

Wrapping Up Divine Feminine Energy

If you’d like to have an open discussion about divine feminine energy and masculine energy, let us know.

by Genesis Gutierrez

Genesis is an accomplished entrepreneur, advocate, and coach who has dedicated her career to empowering women around the world. As the CEO of Harness Magazine, a digital media company, she has grown a platform that celebrates and amplifies the voices of women from all walks of life.

A first-generation college graduate with a degree from UCLA and growing up undocumented, Genesis brings a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the challenges that women face in today's world. Her work as a coach has helped countless women find the courage and confidence to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals.

Driven by a passion for social justice and a commitment to building a more equitable and inclusive society, Genesis has become a respected voice in the women's empowerment movement.

Through her work with Harness Magazine and as a coach, Genesis continues to inspire and empower women to take control of their lives and create a brighter, more hopeful future for themselves and for generations to come.

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