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Don’t Call Me Pretty Right Now

Too late for you to look at me the way I looked at you, resentment dances with forgiving love I wish I knew.

Look back, beneath the overpass, of the sidewalk where I wept With unrequited romance that would kill me till I slept,

for in my dreams I’d get to feel your palm against my back— We’d sit on a museum bench near paintings to unpack.

So why do you just six years later— tell me that I’m pretty?
You know that I have someone else. I’m in a brand new city.

You try to send me to square one, to back where I still love you
I want to say I’m over it—new people are above you.

But pleading you to leave my heart will stay a futile chore;
I’ll never in my life know what it feels like to be yours.

by Ria Mavinkurve

Hi, my name is Ria! I'm a senior at Barnard College of Columbia University, currently living in Manhattan.

I've always enjoyed writing and aim to express feelings and inspire others through poetry. My biggest inspirations for my poems are the "a-ha" moments that I experience, the fairy lights in my room, and words that I simply think just sound good together.

Thanks for checking my writing out! For project inquiries, shoot me an email at riamavin@gmail.com. :)

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