Don’t Let Winter Kill Your Wardrobe

Half the time in winter when it is snowing out or raining, or doing a marvelous combination of the three, I feel ridiculous. Now, the weather shouldn’t make me feel this way, and to be honest, it doesn’t. What makes me feel like I might as well be walking around in the same puffy red bodysuit that Randy in A Christmas Story, is the necessity of winter wardrobe.

In Pennsylvania, the winters are strange. The winters usually arrive right after summer spare for the week and a half of what I would love to be my favorite season, fall, due to monsoon season where we make the next flooding hurricane as much of a family name as the dog. Irene, Agnes, Eloise, Fran– we have a good little family of women from the 60s.

What is hard to have in such a season of unrest where we currently are around November, is a good, fashionable, everyday wardrobe. Especially with the knowledge that blizzard season is set to arrive in all due time now that the first snowstorm has already struck.

It is a waiting game that my closet does not have the space to have.

Neither does my peace of mind now that I have brought back out the looming puffy white coat that makes me look like a marshmallow than ready to hit the slopes.

I can already see my thick plaid pea coat needing to take a turn to it. Plastic snap buttons replacing a trench belt. Bulky kickoff duck boots I bought once when they were on sale make me feel like I am carrying weights on each foot as I make my way up to the stairs to work.

The winter wardrobe is here and most likely here to stay until April, no matter what any psychic groundhog says, and I am not so sure that I can embrace it as much as I was hoping to during the two weeks of fall I missed, afraid my weather app was kidding with me.

Because if I do want to be anything when I walk outside through two feet of snow, it is warm. A style killer? Apparently.

This is supposed to be the season of layers and quirky vintage pins my old roommate gifted to me to make any look uniquely me own when not worrying about the oppressive heatwave that could strike any moment come June. And yet, here I am trying to plan some final fall going into winter outfits to the best of my ability just in case I don’t get a normal day like this again where nothing is going on, but it is going to be 47 degrees instead of 41.

If you do not think that is a stark difference you are wrong. Windchill can make any 40 degree day feel like you have exited eastern Pennsylvania and walked straight into the tundra.

Maybe this is my chance though. Laying and pins and scarves…who said the maximulist look was out when you may walk into class from snow and start sweating? Style is supposed to be good in any weather, and why should I drop down to the same outfit uniform everywhere. So what if I look like a marshmallow with big feet when the snowstorm hits?

It will certainly be an outfit to remember at the very least, and one able to spontaneously drop into the snow for a snowball fight or lopsided snow angel in.

Bring on the blanket scarves! The homemade mittens! The cozy hats that make your hair stick up the moment you take them off!

Let’s rock winter style this year. Even if it isn’t hottest of couture.

by kendramase

Kendra is a writer and book lover who completed her degree in Publishing and Editing from Susquehanna University. She is a graduate of The Columbia Publishing Course in NYC. Currently, if she is not planning out her next novel, you can find her working in teen services at her local library or catching up on fiction submissions as a reader for Flock Literary Journal.


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