Don’t Spare Your Family’s Feelings

You might be tired of hearing about Prince Harry, whether its the details of him losing his virginity, claims his brother pushed him on a dog bowl, who was really crying before the his wedding or whatever the latest allegation is…

You’re probably choosing sides, either Meghan and Harry or the Royal Family. Regardless of whose side you are on, I think we all need to take a page from Prince Harry’s book. Let’s stop sitting silently when your family makes rude remarks about your weight or questions you about your life choices. Instead, speak up.

Prince Harry was able to recognize that the environment he was in was bad for him and his family, he left for a better life. 

Regardless of where you are, how much money you have, or how many people are listening to you, we all have crazy, sometimes dysfunctional families. That being said, if you are ever uncomfortable in any environment; have your own ‘Mexit’. 

Life is too short to be uncomfortable for even a minute. Don’t ever make yourself uncomfortable just to make someone else a little more comfortable. You’re just as important as everyone else. Of course, before you leave make sure you’re not just running away. Do your research, save money, and get a good job before you leave.

For a true ‘Mexit’, don’t just leave, let it be known why you’re leaving. Probably the most difficult thing to do, but also the most important. Although some in the public may wish that Prince Harry would shut up, if he doesn’t say anything then nothing would change. As Prince Harry himself has said, he wants to reconcile with his family. However, that can’t happen if there is no acknowledgement.

Speaking up can be difficult. Is now the right time to say something? Will they think I’m rude? Can we ever get past this? The answer? Yes, to everything. 

If you want something to change in a relationship, you need to address the situation when it happens-not after. If you’re going to speak up, know that the other person or people may not be receptive to your feedback. Usually, any kind of accusation is met with hostility. So yes they may think that you’re being rude no matter how you say it. However, if they really love you like they say they do you’ll be able to get past it no matter what. If Prince Harry wants to reconcile with his family after all those allegations, there’s nothing you can’t get past. 

That being said, there are definitely some don’ts when speaking up.

Don’t say anything when you’re really upset. Don’t bring up anything from too far in the past. 

As we all know, we say the worst things when we’re upset. Most times, we don’t even really mean the things that we say. Bringing up things too far in the past will only confuse them and most likely they won’t even remember what you’re talking about (which is why you need to address any rude remarks or behaviours in the moment). 

In the end, we usually regret the things that we didn’t say. Make sure you don’t spend another day harbouring anger or resentment against anyone. Yes, Prince Harry is famous and has money, but at the end of the day, he is like you and me; a person in the world trying to figure it out like the rest of us. 

by Shakiyah Branch

Journalist, Optimist, Tourist, Feminist

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