Dream Girl

She sat outside in the 
cool of the afternoon
on a wooden swing chair 
with rusted chains,
always damp for some reason.
She’d sit there,
summoning the wind to blow
past the small patches of shrub 
beneath her feet that
broke through barren earth.
She’d either be there
or on a run-down picnic table
with annoying splinters
at the edges of the wood.

I’d find her 
at either spot,
playing music 
and bobbing 
like bubbles from a fizzy drink.
She always had a bag of chips nearby too.
She craved salt over sugar,
tang over tart.

She kept her head down, 
hair out.
She had black hair so curly,
carrying kinky, knotted coils.
She wore an untamed, wildberry bush.

She’d look up and call to me…
only once…
and I’d come forward as a child,
curious to ask her name
and fall in love
only to run out of time.
She’d leave me paralyzed 
until I could find her again in the 
brightest, loudest turtleneck,
disobeying even the most barren 
autumn day.

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by pndombe16

Patricia Ndombe is currently an undergraduate student at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC pursuing a major in English and Creative Writing. However, she grew up in a small, rural town called Knightdale, NC and was shaped by a family precisely half African and half African-American. She enjoys writing poetry as a creative outlet that enables her to reflect the world around her, escape the troubles of life, or look at it through another lens. Many of her poems were inspired while struggling with periods of identity uncertainty during her first two years of college.

Patricia has been blessed with the recent opportunity to publish poems with different literature reviews and magazines including:

“man ≠ mortal” (“Synonyms for the Black Man”)
“Broughton Dr & Hillsborough St”

Her website is https://sites.google.com/view/poeticpatricia. You may find all of her published poems there and reach out to her.

She thanks you for the opportunity to share her work.


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