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castigated for decades
your presence awakens
my defenses
and like a threatened creature
the sparse remnants
of my esteem are fortified

every word you speak
every thought you think
laced with criticism
a delusional antagonist
you deny all responsibility
for your deception
a counterfeit seduction
you only revealed the facade
the shroud that
concealed the nefarious narcissist

what was it in me
that captivated you
was it my fragility
or insecurities
that aroused your
internal predator

the sea in which we capsized
is vast and treacherous
and you constantly pull me
under the waves
enticed by my

my only hope
for prosperity and restoration
is to withstand this tempest
as an impenetrable void
withdrawn in protest
against the victimization
of my integrity
all sentiment between us
has long ago
vacated my soul

the advent of my
capability to love anew
will comence when I resolve
to love myself

by WinnowPoetry

I am the poet behind Winnow Poetry. Although I have been writing since the mid 1990s, I began putting my poetry out on social media under the name Winnow Poetry in 2019. Writing has always been the most effective form of therapy for me. In my writing I address growing up in an emotionally and verbally abusive family, relationships, depression, anxiety, and creating the best version of myself through trial and error.

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