Essential Cleaning Tasks You Need To Undertake Now You’ve Reopened Your Office 

As the UK slowly returns to work following the Coronavirus lockdown, and offices are welcoming back their staff, cleaning is a key focus.

Regular office cleaning is essential to keeping your office space safe for staff and visitors during the pandemic, but there’s more to it than just wiping down surfaces.

After all, your office building has been empty for months, so some issues that you don’t usually notice could become a severe problem if you don’t deal with them promptly.

To help, we’ve created a list of the cleaning tasks that will make your office a safe and comfortable space. 

Office Layout

With the current ongoing situation that we’re all very aware of, it’s important to consider things we may have never considered before. This includes entry and exit points, a one-way system makes it easier to track the flow of your employees, and an easy way to ensure everyone stops at potential sanitizing points you may have set up. Another thing to consider is those communal areas we all used to love. First and foremost, everything should be cleaned but you would now have to consider safer alternatives to ensure your office is a safe space for employees.

Potential solutions for smaller businesses is having rules in place such as 1 person in the kitchen at any one time and not allowing anyone to leave any used dishes or personal items such as mugs in communal areas. 

In terms of other essential items such as printers and shredders that many employees may need access to it could be worth investing in an additional printer and designating one individual to the printer. This means they are the only one that comes in contact with the printer and can organize printing for the remainder of the staff. Where this may not be ideal, it’s worth having sanitizing stations nearby and cleaning wipes to ensure the printer can be regularly cleaned between uses. 

Wash Your Windows

Dirt, grime, and bird mess can cause harm to your windows and the surface of your property if left for long periods of time, so make sure that you hire a commercial window cleaning specialist as soon as you reopen your offices. K2 Access can clean windows at any height and deep clean the façade of your building to ensure that your property is clean and fresh ready for your staff to return. They can offer you long-term commercial window cleaning so that you can keep your property looking professional all year round. 

Clear Away Old Junk

Keeping old paperwork and items that you don’t need in your office can affect your team’s mental wellbeing. Excess items that you don’t need could also make it harder to clean your office effectively and ensure that there are no germs lurking in crevices and hidden spaces. When you reopen your office, you should take the time to clear out anything that you don’t need or never use. Decluttering your office will make you and your team feel fresh and reinvigorated as you get back into the swing of being in a working environment again. 

Unclog Drains In Communal Areas

Hand hygiene is vital during this pandemic, so clean and sanitary sink areas are a must for every workplace. If your office already had communal sinks in its kitchen or bathroom areas before the lockdown, then you need to make sure that they are clean and ready for use. Old bacteria often remain in the pipes underneath the sink, so make sure that you unclog your drains and clean them as soon as your office reopens. 

Wipe Down Bins 

Bins are the receptacles for all of our dirt and rubbish, but they’re often overlooked when it comes to your cleaning regime. As well as taking out the trash, you also need to wipe down your bins at least once a week. This includes not only large office bins but also small wastepaper baskets, as particles of food and dirt can cling to the sides. 

Deep Clean Your Carpets

Many cleaners think that running a vacuum cleaner over a carpet is enough to make it spotless, but there’s a lot of dirt lurking within the fibers. Dirty carpets can put your team’s health at risk, by harboring dirt, grime, and particles. Make sure that the carpets in your office are deep cleaned on the weekend, or before anyone returns to the office. Consider hiring an expert team with professional equipment to ensure that your carpets are pristine. 

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