Excerpts from my Poetry Collection: Elemental Grace


when the water is murky

it is telling you to hold still

just for a moment

pause, would you know what i meant

if i told you to just be?

let the waters settle

only then will you be gifted eyes to see

in truth it was there all along

the reflection staring back at you

distorted only by your own obstinance

you sweet, stubborn soul

this race requires no movement

therein lies the great mystery





looking back now

it’s hard not to laugh

i had a nearly desperate desire to fly

to spread my wings and soar

away from that place, above the noise

but i equally wanted to sweep you off your feet

and carry you with me

in time, it became clear i could not do both

not the way you weighed me down

how does one make such an impossible choice?

the love of your life or a life that you love

here i am, choosing the latter, choosing me

can i tell you a secret?

the decision gets easier and easier

the further i fly from the ground




shade of light

it had been ages

since my heart had held

such childish delight

i felt full in a way

which somehow still left room

for an infinite amount of

laughter and life

what is the word for the

kaleidoscope of colors

on display behind your eyes

as you stare up into the sun?

i think i would like to paint my whole world

that shade of light


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