Farewell love letter to my forbidden love.

My dearest babe. Tonight after we spoke, I sat on the floor and meditated to clear my mind. I couldn’t stop the tears that fell onto my legs as I sat and rekindled my feelings for you. The comfort of your voice, you telling me “you’re gonna be alright” always mends my broken heart. There’s something about your voice that gives me the comfort I need.

I cry with my heart broken that’s in a million pieces thinking about what we’ve been through. All the best days of the last five years will somehow, some way, hold a big piece of my heart. No matter what happens, I will love you like no other.   

I wanted to be that person to watch you eat dinner every night and listen to you tell me how good the food was. I wanted to watch you nap from an exhausting day of work. You sacrificed so much to be with me. Accepted so many things just to be with me. Someone who was older, much older, and someone who has kids. You learned to accept and accustomed yourself to deal with me when I get crazy and always came through to make me happy in the end.

All the times you wanted to leave, I never stopped fighting for you. Even though at times it seemed unbearable for you to continue on with us. You stayed. I forever will love you for not abandoning me when I needed you most. 

Even though you were still growing yourself, you somehow always had the ability to calm me down and fix everything. You put your own feelings aside and put your social life on the back burner to learn and grow with me. Even through the turbulent times, you ended up crawling into bed to sleep next to me.

I’ve learned so many things from you. I’ve never been with someone who makes me laugh as much as you. You taught me what a real relationship was by having pillow talks with me before we went to bed. Age really is nothing but a number. To be with someone like you, with an old soul, has opened my eyes to a new level. Never in my lifetime thus far that I haven’t had met someone like you.

You taught me a gazillion things about many things and shared your curiosity and passion, especially all things animal. That’s when you know deep down inside no matter how “rough around the edges” someone can be, they have a big heart. 

I’ll never forget the night of the wedding, standing out in the rain in the parking lot with you. All of our ninja nights and many close calls… once in a lifetime that a person can go through such adventures. You are the one I got to share that with. I’m so happy that it was you. 

I wish life had a more simpler game plan. I love you babe so much.Til the day I leave this lifetime… I’ll remember you forever.


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