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Finding A New Rhythm

12 years ago, my granddad went to Heaven. When I think back, that season of life is still very much a blur. We’d lost my grandma one year earlier and life shifted in a way none of us were prepared for. In an instant, life – stable, safe, and rooted – as we’d known it was forever altered.

In the midst of my fear of losing him, my angst of the unknown, and my desire to want control over ANYTHING in life, I quit my job and accepted a new position while he was in the hospital. Days after sharing the news with him, he passed away. It’s hard to recall specific moments between his passing and life finding its new rhythm, but I do remember one thing pretty clearly. The week in between. The week of nothing. The week of rest. The week of reflection. To process. To prepare. To simply be.

This was looong before I even knew what processing meant. And long before I knew what true rest looked like. It was before I knew just how important self-care was in times of such upheaval and deeply-seeded grief. Still, I sat in my grandma’s rocking chair, in my grandparent’s empty house, rocking back and forth for days on end.

And as I approached the anniversary of his passing, I sat thinking about how crucial self-care is in this worldly moment and it’s a connection to such a memorable time in my family’s world. I couldn’t help but see the similarities between my feelings during that season of loss and the ones I’m working through during these current times. About how the world’s experiencing a season of rest, reflection, and processing after great loss and immense change. And about how processing looks different for everyone. Some are doing their best to maintain control over what they can. Some are falling victim to fear and anxiety and it’s completely gripping them. Some are like me, simply rocking back and forth for days, weeks, months on end…just hoping for some direction.

Make some time for YOU today. Take a moment during this “in-between” to just be with yourself. Check-in on your heart. Express your feelings – even if they don’t make any sense (that’s totally normal!). Close your eyes and just be right here. At this moment. The world will move again, grieve what once was, and find their new rhythms. I just know it. 

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by shoplovemo

I'm Monique! A corporate meeting & event planner by day and creative entrepreneur by night, I launched LoveMo in 2019, a company devoted to to self-care, empowering women through curated gift boxes and encouraging resources. I'm an enneagram 2 and have fully embraced my deep desire for strong and meaningful relationships, committing to help others pour into self in order to show up better in their own relationships. When I'm not in the center of a women's circle or social event, I'm an introverted homebody and likely reading, writing, dancing or singing somewhere (...car karaoke is my jam!). I live in beautiful San Diego, California, but am always dreaming of new places to escape to. 


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