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For your eyes only

July came and went as fast as I had changed.
Ever so stoic little miss giving up on love
Found something that changed her mind
Found a spark
Found a light
Found a monetary happiness that felt everlasting
You were just in town in passing
But You chose me,
If you could go back
Would you wish for me again?
I still remember
The glimmer of ember
In the middle of September
How I foolishly decried
Every warning sign
And created a solace
Out of a temporary shelter
With a familiar stranger
I watched as you left my grasp
And watched as I slowly left your mind
as you changed your mind
About who you thought I was
Time passed, and the distance between us became apparent
As I foolishly and selfishly yearned to keep you closer
But didn’t I know
That love doesn’t grow in captivity
Didn’t I know
that loving you was beyond my capability?
Even then
I miss you


by Eye Ree

I write poems that are a direct representation of the way that I see the world, serving as a reflection of the good and the bad. I hope you will enjoy them as much I have enjoyed writing them.

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