Forbidden Reverie

In a hazy reverie, we embraced.

I gave myself permission to dream about the days

Where our starry eyes locked in a gaze,

Constellations in my brain.

Warm breath; cold weather as it rained,

Drops raced down our windowpane.

The light touch of your hand,

our bare feet on the sand,

feeling every grain.

Waves crashing against us,

We sat in a storm,

Clouded with longing for one moment more.

Your voice sounded like cinnamon when you called.

In your inviting arms, I wanted to fall but I could not

As I thought, if the storm let up

To snap out of my dream, I must get up.

by riaxm

I'm a second year college student in the Bay Area looking to inspire people through writing! Some things that inspire me are fairy lights, green tea, and the smell of fresh laundry. My favorite poem at the moment is Song Unsung by Rabindranath Tagore.

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