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Garnet Love

I need a lone wolf

Hunger for a partner, not a pack.

I need, follow me to the ends of the earth

Light it up and watch it burn (together).

I need, leave it all behind

Like Bonnie and Clyde.

I need persistence over existence

Courage and survival.

I need intoxicating passion

No strings to other webs,

Webs entrap, hold back.

I need wholly devotion

Connection to one.

I need a garnet love—

Run wild and burn the sun.


by Elizabeth Ferrer-Alfonso

Elizabeth Knightly is a published author, her debut poetry collection Choose To Choose Me: A Collection of Organized Chaos weaponizes authenticity into strength, never weakness. Knightly credits brutal honesty and intimate transparency as the pinnacles of her writing philosophy. When she is not writing, she is off searching for inspiration in yet to be discovered morsels of new people and places through solo-travel. A fond admirer of eclectic and eccentric prospects. Knightly loves to unearth forgotten objects with hidden charm including black and white films, all things Audrey Hepburn, and cars straight out of The Great Gatsby. Nothing makes her feel more alive than listening to Taylor Swift or the way lightning crackles across an inky raven sky. To Knightly, rainy days feel like sunshine.


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