Happy Galentine’s Day, You Rainbow-Infused Space Unicorn


“Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas.”

Much like its spunky (yet strong-willed) creator, Leslie Knope, Galentine’s Day is a fictional holiday designed to celebrate the female relationships most important to us. Before society has its consumer-driven fun on Valentine’s Day, the 13th of February is designated for our closet ladyfriends to recognize all the good they bring.

For all generations, but specifically younger ones, friendships have become increasingly important as organizing factors in daily life. As such, the fictional festival was quickly adopted by girlfriends, gal pals and gender non-conforming buddies that simply wanted to celebrate the importance of platonic relationships.

When you were younger, friends were probably easy. It was convenient because you saw those people every day. But the markers of adulthood often pump the breaks on one’s ability to foster true friendships. Sure, you might like your co-workers, but do you call them during an emotional crisis or to gush about your favorite celebrity’s red carpet look? So, for those meaningful friendships that you do have, you want to treat them special and take a moment to realize just how impactful they can be.

For women especially, there’s a notion that the most important relationships are that of family. Your husband, your kids, your parents. Antiquated, and not to mention a little misogynist, these beliefs create a damaging ideal that we can only find communal fulfillment from those “related” to us. However, more and more friendships are helping individuals define themselves in our ever-changing, somewhat chaotic world. Finding and fostering relationships with like-minded people can bring a wealth of positive energy into one’s life… and these relationships don’t have to be romantic or familial to do so.

Enter Galentine’s Day.


Despite the quick jump to consumerism, the holiday has become synonymous with feminism and the broader celebration of women. As a 2017 article in The Atlantic puts it, this bold act of loving yourself and therefore loving the special women in your life has become somewhat political “in the gentlest and most cheerful of ways.” Such a quick adoption of the sitcom-created holiday has actually radically normalized the idea of ladies celebrating ladies. It’s one day a year where society has almost collectively agreed to let women be proud of themselves and proud of one another.

So please, come February 13th or any day before Valentine’s Day (we know how adult schedules work), take a moment to thank the special people in your life for just that… being in your life. And if you want to sip on a few mimosas at the same time, let us know. We’d like to join.

“I am a goddess, a glorious female warrior.”



Galentine’s Day: How a Beloved Fiction Became a Beloved Tradition


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