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Harness Speaks with Jaskiran Singh – writer of the Poetry Book “Seeds of Light”

Harness had the wonderful opportunity to interview Jaskiran Singh, writer of the poetry book “Seeds of Light” and all-around inspiration to women.

As I spent some time getting to know Jaskiran, I realized  that she is truly an incredible woman. She is driven, courageous, and compassionate – all qualities that are evident in her writing as well.

Jaskiran has written many beautiful poems throughout the years and has been praised for her ability to capture deep emotional landscapes within a few short lines and I’m so excited to talk about some of the things that inspired her to write this book. 

The first thing she say when I asked her that question is, “everything.” It started out with leaving her home and being stepped out on her own, experimenting homeless and almost falling into the trap of human trafficking.

She highlights what it truly is being a woman on your own with absolutely no resources. 

And is able to capture how she feels inside and put it onto paper, while some of us can’t even touch ourselves.

But it wasn’t always easy for Jaskiran – there were many moments throughout her life that felt like a dark storm cloud hovering over her head, threatening to burst at any moment and wipe out all the hope she had left.

But she persevered, and through writing, was able to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Her poems inspire women who are struggling to keep going – no matter what life throws their way, they always have a chance to shine.

She helps women by finding the courage to not only persevere through the tough times, but also to embrace them as a learning opportunity and grow from them.

And that is something we should all strive for – to be able to look back on life’s challenges with gratitude and make ourselves better people because of it.

Whenever I read one of Jaskiran’s poems, I am always left feeling more empowered, more inspired, and more in love with life. And I know that thousands of other women feel the same way – because Jaskiran’s words have genuinely touched people’s hearts all across the world.

“There truly is no other option than believing in yourself.” 

She says, “I wanted to take something beautiful to read about instead of feeling sorry for myself.”

She hopes her book and the work she does help plant the “seeds of light.” that no matter what circumstance you come from, you can still plan the seeds of light to live the life you deserve to have.

It’s being able to look back and learn that owning and embracing your story can have not only a tremendous impact for yourself, but also for the people you surround yourself with.

Whether it’s through her poetry book, “Seeds of Light”, or her inspiring blog posts and social media content, Jaskiran has truly shown us what it means to be a courageous, compassionate, and empowering woman and taking the importance of not letting anything hold you back.

Here’s to hoping that we continue to find the resilience within us to grow through life’s challenges and shine even brighter in the process!

Thank you again, Jaskiran, for all that you do – your work has truly been an inspiration to women everywhere.

by Harness Editor

Harness believes that freedom of expression equals female empowerment. The truth? We’re a badass authentic community of fierce women, and we exist to help your voice be heard. Harness is here to be your safe haven. A place to shed the competition, the insecurities. This is a place to rise by lifting others. This is who we are.


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