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How art helped me to accept my body & appreciate myself

I remember I started drawing myself when I was around 18 or 19. It started with sketches of my face, which was a big deal for me because as a young girl I had disliked many things about my face; I thought my nose was too straight, my eyebrows were too dark and thick, my dark hair was constantly messy and I felt my mole next to my mouth was too big. Being of Mexican descent, growing up I did not really see myself reflected in the images of women that were promoted in American beauty and fashion.

But something inside me lead to me start drawing my portraits, and it was actually one of the most courageous things I could’ve done in my self-love journey. It was also one of the most challenging since I had to switch from self-judgement to being an observer. And being an observer of myself was hard in the beginning. But I kept at it no matter how strange I felt, and somehow it became easier. 

After feeling comfortable with my face, I then began drawing my body. And that was another challenge! Again, I was “re-training” my mind to let go of judgement and be more objective by observing my body, as opposed to overwhelming myself with self-criticism. It was an intimate process. It forced me to look at myself in the mirror, all of me, every part I felt was “undesirable” or “ugly.” I took pictures of myself and explored expressing myself through posing for my own sketches and artworks. It was scary at first. I felt weird. Many times I thought “who am I to be doing this?”      

But a very big part of me felt free and loved because, interestingly, through drawing my body I actually felt I was giving quality time to myself! 

And the more I drew my portraits, the more I began to see beyond my body – I began to sense an expansiveness blossoming inside. I began to feel beautiful and feminine in my own way, which was something I had never felt before and ever expected to feel. I saw my inner sensuality, my glow, my energy come alive in front of me and I felt on fire and powerful!
Somehow, through this intimate time with myself I learned to love myself more and to see my uniqueness stand out. The things I felt were “undesirable” were in fact the things that made me, me, and that realization was all I needed to feel more bold and sexy.

Drawing myself extended to self-care routines, and I began to note how more and more my art process was like a self-care routine in and of itself. It basically inspired me to be aware of my “me time.” 
This process became such a vital part of my feelings on self-worth, as well as learning to appreciate my own body and appearance. The more I practiced drawing myself, the more I began to see myself in a way no one else had. I was seeing myself the way a lover looks upon their beloved, or an artist is taken in with inspiration by their muse. I was romancing myself by being both the model and the artist at once. I was creating a special connection with myself and one which has become so important for me to cultivate over time. 
I believe art is one way women can begin to connect with their inner feminine. And this is why I love to draw the female form over and over again hoping that women can feel and connect to their inner goddess! 

I believe women deserve to feel like queens and goddesses by giving time to themselves as if they were their own lover. By learning to glow from within instead of searching for validation externally, you begin to burn your own fire and feel a new kind of love for yourself that isn’t scarce or limited, but rather abundant, grounding and powerful.
Opening up to self-love and forging a new relationship with your inner goddess is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself. 
There are many ways to start building a better relationship with yourself. One of the keys is to notice what brings you pleasure and lights you up, as well as to begin honoring your body by doing simple things that make you feel comfortable and beautiful. For example, applying on a body lotion with your favorite scent and saying something kind and loving to your skin. Maybe it’s wearing that bold dress you’ve been wanting to for so long. Or maybe it’s just walking around naked in your room for a few minutes. The point is to become comfortable with your own body little by little. Now imagine doing this on a frequent basis, and you will begin to see it’s the little daily things you do for yourself that add up over time.
I promise 🙂 
by Erika Tirado

I am an artist, poet, traveler and observer of life. I love color, flowers & the feminine form. Through my art I seek to awaken the sensual woman within us using strokes of color and sensual words. Whether women are aware of it or not, a sensual, magical energy glows inside of them. I want my art and writings to be a reminder of the magic and fiery energy that women are inherently born with.


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